Two More Missing Women In New Zealand

Two more women have gone missing in New Zealand over the last few days.

One is 40 year old Charlotte Reid, from Waimauku, a small settlement north of Auckland, the other is 18 year old Jiayi Li (also known as “Kiko”) who was last seen when she dropped off her friend last Wednesday in Kingsland, central Auckland.

The area where Kiko was last seen was the scene of the 2001 disappearance and murder of 23-year-old Marie Jamieson who was last seen at a service station in Kingsland.

Her naked body was found nine days later behind factory buildings in Ranui. Earlier this year her Joseph Reekers, 52, was given a life sentence with a 15-year non-parole period for her murder.

It’s unlikely that there is any link between the two cases. Our thoughts are with the families of the missing women and we’re hoping for their safe return.

Police have confirmed that the body found in the search for Marice McGregor was the woman they’d been looking for, she’d suffered head injuries and a man has been arrested in connection with her death.

As yet there is no news about the fate of another woman, Emma Campbell, who disappeared near Christchurch at the beginning of May.

In 2008, 39 year old Belinda Wilson disappeared into thin air whilst walking to the dairy to buy groceries in Titirangi, Auckland. Her body was found in very dense bushland some weeks later. Then, in August 2009 an unnamed woman went missing in Taupo, police looked for her for three days before calling off the search and referring her disappearance to the coroner.

In New Zealand during 2008 79 charges for murder were brought before the courts, there were also 69 for attempted murder and 37 for manslaughter.

The independent think tank – the New Zealand Institute – recently released a report which showed that NZ has the fifth highest murder rate in the OECD.

Christchurch earned itself the title of “Murder Capital of New Zealand”, not so much for the number of murders there but for the shockingly brutal and depraved way in which  killers slaughtered their female victims. link

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