Takanini Primary School In Lockdown – Update: Armed Police In Papakura

People living in Takanini, South Auckland, are talking on Trademe about the local primary school being put into lockdown this morning by armed police. As yet we don’t think there are any media reports about the incident.

Takanini – What’s going on?

10.39am – “My kids saw armed police go in to school and have been told armed person around. They live right by school and are freaked out about their children. Anyone have any real knowledge”

10.55am – “The Takaniniprimary school is locked down and children are safe. That is why the armed pokice went in – to get it locked down. Repeating _ children are all safe.”


11.12am – “It seems that there is or was a person roaming the community armed. BUT was not at the school itself. That was a precautionary measure.”

11.25am – “choppers just gone back to town so im assuming its over..”

11.28am – “I really hate reading things like this, our son was on lock down earlier in the year because of some half wit wandering school grounds with a gun…taffsgirl glad your babes are safe, glad to hear the children from the other school are safe also, very stressful”

11.31am – “Living right next to school and seeing it was avery terrifying event for grandaughter. She was frantic.”

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Update: Video and News of the arrest

the NZPA issued the following report via Yahoo News NZ, leaving out any mention of the consternation caused at the school:

“Armed police were this morning called to help search for a man wanted on firearms charges in south Auckland.

Armed offenders squad members joined police just before 10am at the address in Airfield Rd, Papakura after believing the wanted man was present.

“Some staff that were deployed were armed as a matter of precaution,” Inspector Matt Sillars of police northern communications told NZPA.

He said the deployment passed without major incident.

A man was taken into custody during the incident, The New Zealand Herald website said.