America’s Next Top Model in New Zealand

Tourism Auckland was swift off the mark to attempt to cash-in on an episode of America’s Next Top Model that aired in America last night. link

The show, which was shot in Auckland, was screened to 3 million viewers in the States.

This morning Tourism NZ issued a press release “Auckland takes centre state in America’s Next Top Model”  which said that the remaining contestants were given a ‘rousing’ Maori welcome at the top of Mount Eden. Here’s hoping that the camera crew managed to block out the views of the Mount  Eden prisons, an ever present reminder of New Zealand’s burgeoning prison population and rising crime rates.

For background see posts tagged Violent Crime.


One thought on “America’s Next Top Model in New Zealand


    Last year 196,000 Americans visited, spending an average $3466 each.
    “If we can attract an additional 100,000 US visitors a year, that means additional foreign exchange earnings of around $346m in international visitor spend to the New Zealand economy,” Mr Bowler said.

    Mr. Bowler, one of the definitions of “spend” as a noun (a usage I detest, by the way) means the same thing as what happens when you waste your seed by engaging in a fruitless practice. *g*

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