Justin Bieber Hates L & P

Justin Bieber has said he hates the fizzy soft drink L&P after being drenched with it during an interview with Charlie Panapa, a host on teen TV show What Now. Sounds as if Bieber’s experience of New Zealand was a total disaster,  he was mugged by a teenage Hamilton girl within minutes of arriving in the country and his mother was knocked over at the airport.

According to Stuff:

“Justin Bieber walked out of a New Zealand interview after the host accidentally drenched him in L&P.

The visiting Canadian pop star, who had hordes of frenzied teens following his every move during his one-day visit last week, was sprayed in L&P during an interview with Charlie Panapa, a host on teen TV show What Now.

Bieber, 16, was being gifted a parcel of New Zealand-themed presents – including a jar of Vegemite, a pair of gumboots and a bag of Pineapple Lumps – when he reached for the bottle of L&P.

When he opened it, he was sprayed in the popular local soft drink. Footage of the incident aired during this morning’s broadcast of What Now for the first time.

He stood up, shook himself off and accused the hosts of giving him the drink “all shaken up”.

When Panapa tried to continue the interview, Bieber said, “I’d rather get dried off first” before walking off set.

He later returned to answer more questions, saying: “I’m pretty sure I hate this drink.”

Bieber is enjoying a wave of success thanks to a series of popular singles and YouTube videos.”

Vegemite, gumboots (wellingtons) pineapple lumps (choc covered goo) and L&P, Bieber certainly sampled the best that New Zealand had to offer.  He did manage to blag his own All Blacks jersey though and probably used it to wipe off the sticky drink.

Read about Justin Bieber’s NZ visit here and see how friendly Kiwis didn’t hold back in tearing him off a shred.

Kiwis were quick to talk about the L&P incident on the Trademe message boards saying, among other things:

“Nz has just made dicks of themselves ok he is 16 but no need to treat him so immaturely… Stealing hats, screaming, all the interviews have been completely stupid with some kind of stupid stunt… poor kid must be over it!”

3 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Hates L & P

  1. Justin Bieber mostly hates New Zealand. And i’m really dissapointed because he will never want to come back here to visit his fans. 😦

  2. Kiwis seem to think foreigners are to be treated as ferally as they treat one another.

  3. Okay, I’ll be honest. I’m totally embarassed by new zealand.. By US as a country. We made fools of ourselves.

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