British Bank Robber Gets Name Suppression, Immigrants Fight Back?

The Englishman who allegedly held up the Wespac Bank at Blockhouse Bay with a pistol has been granted name suppression.

People at the bank told police that the man had shouted out “this is John Key’s fault” during the raid

According to Anna Leask in the NZ Herald two immigrants held up the bank at gun point:

“The incident happened the day police and bank representatives met in central Auckland to discuss ways to prevent such incidents and the day after another violent raid 6km away.

Fijian-born Epinisa Rokobatini, 31, and a 29-year-old British-born co-offender, who has name suppression, burst into the bank about 2.40pm, knocking over a customer who was leaving, according to the police summary of facts…”

For details of the other raid at the ASB in Three Kings Plazza and hundreds of other aggravated robberies see our Armed Robberies page.

It’s interesting to note that the British man has been given name suppression whilst the Fijian hasn’t been afforded the same privilege.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this one and looking for clue as to why the men blamed the raid on John Key and if they both receive that same punishments. Will NZ journos realise that there is a deeper story here to be uncovered?

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