The Abuse Of International Students

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“International students are worth $2 billion annually to the economy. “If you want to put it crudely, they are seen only as cash cows,” said Professor Manying Ip, a professor of Asian studies at Auckland University.” (source)

Dr Ip is a respected advocate for Chinese communities living in New Zealand. She was awarded a Suffrage Centennial Medal in 1993 and was made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 1996.

In 2004 she co-directed New Faces Old Fears, a television documentary exploring racism, multiculturalism and social cohesion in New Zealand. In late 2008, she was elected a Fellow of the New Zealand Academy of Humanities (FNZAH) in recognition of her distinction in research and the advancement of the humanities.” (source)

“International students are vital to the NZ economy. They support 45,000 jobs, pay more than $600 million in direct fees and the travel and tourism industry further benefits from their visiting friends and families.

Professor Ip says the value of international students are being equated by schools to getting a new IT room or a swimming pool, rather than any of the non-monetary benefits they bring.

Even local students feel uncomfortable in the presence of too many international students, another academic says…” (source)

So with students being worth so much you’d think they’d be well looked after in New Zealand wouldn’t you and that they’d return home with glowing accounts of their wonderful sojourn, encouraging family and friends to emigrate or holiday in New Zealand. You may be disturbed to hear that for many students the reality is very different.

The message was left by Annie who responded to our blog post “New Zealand is turning into a really racist country.” She worked with international students in New Zealand and was deeply ashamed by the treatment they received:

I worked with international students a few years ago and some of the experiences of my students really opened my eyes to an underbelly of New Zealand society I had never encountered.

Quite frankly, it made me deeply ashamed.

There were the stories of random attacks on teenage boys for no other reason than they were Asian, or on teenage girls being elbowed, bullied, shouted out, sexually assaulted and told to go home, get off the bus, there’s the airport etc and those were just some of them.

And then there were the stories of students fainting in class because they were being starved by their host “families” or living in rooms with mould that I wouldn’t put a pet in and not allowed to turn the heater on to keep them warm.

Over the years I would have taught about 300 students and all of them had had racist experiences here and some that should have been criminalised.

International students pay good money for their education, board etc and when they get here their treatment is appalling. Telling people to leave or get over it ignores and minimises the truly bad behaviour and attitudes that occur in NZ by NZers to people from overseas.

The flip side is people should act decently toward other human beings and then people will want to stay – not leave. People take their experiences of a country wherever they go and I can only imagine some of the stories that they told their parents, grand parents, relations, friends, family friends etc when they got back. Where did our tolerance, values and sense of decency go in just making an effort with guests to our countries?”

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    NZ has a kind of social complexity that you do not encounter in any other country.
    There is a strong bullying culture at work environment especially towards foreigners.
    It is a small isolated country. So what you think the major source of income is. Of course it is agriculture and tourism.The problem is because salaries are low most educated people leave for better income overseas. This creates a big problem.. As I said it is a small country.So what do think people might feel when most young generation emigrate. Well they feel they are invaded by foreigner migrants especially Asians, Indians and others. For many years white people dominated the country and Maories were lower class citizens. When the white young generation is emigrating the country, fear of losing the power and fear of losing the working class (age 16-45) can cause a hostile environment towards new comers….If you spend some time with them you will see how much they adore and admire themselves and their younger ones compared to other nationalities no matter where they are from…..This is a dominant culture…even if a kiwi commits a crime if the victim is not a main stream New Zealander the chances that lawyers and justice protect their own people is quiet high. Because they want to keep their people and stop them from leaving. This culture exits in all of them .Almost all of them…politicians, doctors, lawyers, taxi drivers, farmers…..almost all of them maybe because they want to teach them to value their country and stay….however because tourism is their biggest source of income over many many years of dealing with migrants and foreigners they know they need migrants for their money….I have never seen any other nationality in the world being able to rip off so skilfully as kiwis. They make a slave out of you. They make you work for free. Most skilled migrants are young, motivated, energetic and have some saving. They come to NZ to make a better life. They spend some of their best years of life, the first five years after leaving their country to work hard to achieve nothing instead. I have seen many families break up, I have seen many of them get depressed. A lot of them leave NZ after a few years of putting up with abuse, some leave for Australia, some go back to their home country. Some of the migrants who have some kind of support network and can stand the abuse or work as selfemployed may stay and instead the way they cope with this culture is they turn to be like their kiwi abusive mates. I have seen some of them start cheating, stealing and exploiting others to be able to mentally integrate into the society around them and of course some of them do none of these and stay the way they were but in a less motivated, depressed slavery mood. Ironically when foreigners get ripped off by kiwis they get blamed for not being careful. I have seen young rich Japenese students who get bashed and their money get stolen but instead they will get criticized of being careless. Kiwis have this mentality that foreigners are rich, are pain free and they have their money because their mummy and daddy gives them their money and they do not work hard for it so they deserve their money to be taken away from them because this is the kiwi land and if these foreigners want to stay here they should help us with our economy. We are the best people in this world, our country is the most beautiful country in the world, our government is the least corrupted government of the world(of course that is the other way round), our graduates are the brightest in world, our poo and wee is from gold and because of all these all non-kiwis should adore us and pay us lots and lots of money because we deserve it. New Zealanders are very jealous towards Australians. You just need to tell them how better Australia is compared to NZ. Then you get a sheep thrown to your head and they fart angrily into your face. I have seen some of these kiwis when they come to Australia they brag about their country to other nationalities to encourage them to visit their country and this way to help their highly dependent economy. Some of them say funny lies, For example they say they have lived in many countries all around the world and nowhere else is like New Zealand , The best wheater, the best health system, the best education, the best and most friendly people, no corruption, no crime, affordable and great lifestyle, etc, etc.
    However about 35% of the population rely on social benefits, 70% of the medical school graduates leave the country after 2 years of finishing their studies and only one third of foreign doctors remain in this country to work due to poor working conditions.

    I was a student and statyed in a homestay in New Zealand. I would not recommend it to you. It is dangerous.I lost my health for the rest of my life. That was the saddest thing ever happened. The father of the family had Diabetes and he would smoke like a chimney…He would take aspirin to thin his blood. One day I had headache and I was not very well. The mother of the family (his wife) solved the same aspirin tablet (high dose) in water and gave it to me to feel better and I drank it without thinking what i was doing. The next day I had a severe headache and had intracereblar hemorrhage ( yes I had bleed in my brain) and that made me disabled for the rest of my life. Just because of the ignorance of that woman and my foolish trust. By the way the exploited me and ripped off a lot of money. The would not let me to use their phone, I brought a man from telecome with my own money to arrange a line for myself but they would use my phone and I had to pay for the bill, they would steal from me…..That was the worse memory of my life which makes me deeply sad. I hate New Zealand and all its people. They just steal from foreigners.. so Just be wise and go to a hall of residence or rent a place for yourself. don’ t repeat my mistake.

    Note: it’s totally like that.

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