Japanese Students Attacked At Christchurch Bus Stop.

There’s a report in today’s The Press, detailed on Stuff.co.nz telling the shocking story of how two Asian students were subjected to aggression and an unprovoked attack by a gang of skinheads in Christchurch (watch the video report here)

Two Asian students, said to be Japanese nationals, were sitting at the bus stop outside of The Palms shopping mall in Christchurch yesterday evening at 6.30pm when a group of 4 skinheads approached them. A witness saw the group of 4 males, all shirtless and wearing camouflage gear, walk up to the 2 students.

According to the witness the group, which had two pit bull dogs with them, started to hassle the students until one of them got up to leave whereupon he was punched in the face causing him to stumble on to the road. He was then punched again and the group calmly strolled away.

The witness to this moronic and cowardly attack on two defenseless kids tried to phone the emergency services but couldn’t get through because of problems with the network, he then had to ask a bus driver to phone his office and ask them to call for help. Meanwhile the gang of thugs disappeared.

It would seem that Christchurch isn’t a great place to be, for either visitors or locals. In August of last year a Fijian student was injured in a racist attack at Linwood College, his mother said that she had spoken the other parents in the Indian community and their children had been bullied too. Her son had also been taunted with names like “curry chicken“, “black Indian” and “Indian boy.” The family moved to NZ to escape the violence of Suva.

Christchurch has recently earned itself the dubious title of ‘Murder Capital Of New Zealand’ which was re-inforced after the death of a 62 year old widow was brutally murdered in her own home a week ago.

This most recent assault has drawn a fair amount of contempt from the readers of Stuff who are very eager to talk about the issue of racism in Christchurch, allegedly a “haven for Neo-Nazis due to the lack of competition from other gangs” (see below) You may remember that a few days ago we spoke of how police in New Zealand still don’t/won’t collect data on racially motivated crimes, it is very hard to know the true extent of this problem both in Christchurch and throughout the country.

These are a few of the reader comments on Stuff:

“I am appalled by the lack of “retaliatory action” by the Asian community against the Neo-Nazis so far. But I guess the bulk of the Asian community knows that these can’t be helped living in Christchurch, like they say, “You can’t complain about the noise if you move in near the airport.” This Japanese student finally understood the toll for enjoying the significantly cheaper living costs of Christchurch compared to Auckland. He should also understans why disproportionalely greater Japanese New Zealand residents reside in Auckland than Christchurch in contrast to other Asians.”

“I am most disappointed that the police and other authority repeatedly deny there is rascism in the city. As long as they refuse to admit there is a problem, there will be little effort to address and tackle the situation. re they waiting for a more serious attack? Unprovoked assaults that leaves someone bleeding and broken is not serious enough? What if THEY are at the receiving end? Will that and only that spur them into action? We have a racism problem, FACE IT! DEAL WITH IT! That is JUSTICE and the PEOPLE’S RIGHTS!”

I am a frequent poster on japantoday.com, I have become aware from my New Zeland sources that this Asian student is Japanese and I am ashamed that a Yamato must become victimised by Neo-Nazis who are not the finest specimens on Western Europeans, let alone the Anglo-Celtic race! The police insist it was not a racially motivated attack despite eye witness reports to the contrary.
My source tells me that Christchurch is a haven for Neo-Nazis because of the lack of presence of competing mutliracial gangs like those active in the North Island. Then it would seem the South Islanders are cowards for not actively confronting these Neo-Nazis in both lawful and unlawful fronts.
Although it would be a tall order for New Zealand to implement solid anti-hate/Nazi laws like those in France and Germany, they can take comfort in the fact that Christchurch is not an important economic centre for non-whites who could flee to Auckland if they see any more of these Neo-Nazis out and about. Furthermore, it was fortunate this Far Easterner victim was not from a ethnic group that has significantly more economic clout in this city like the Chinese or the Koreans!”

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Skinhead groups on the rise again (NZ Herald)

“…Canterbury University researcher Jarrod Gilbert, who has been given rare access to the inner workings of some gangs, said skinhead groups had been most active in New Zealand during the 1990s, and many had petered out. Among these was the feared Fourth Reich…

But there had been a “quite significant” resurgence in skinhead gangs in the past two years.

“[That trend] I can really only link to the fact that the economy starts to bite hard and that’s allowed for predominantly young Pakeha to be dissatisfied, and form together under something they can believe in and hold on to.”

Using a white supremacy rallying call, these mostly unsophisticated groups were forming throughout the country, but the strongholds tended to be in the South Island.

But groups were forming at least as far north as Hamilton, he said...”

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10 thoughts on “Japanese Students Attacked At Christchurch Bus Stop.

  1. I’m sick of being judged by what I do in christchurch, I mean it’s not like being gay s a crime. I just prefer to hang out with the bois and just have a great time without being judged.

  2. Christchurch is a racist city. In my opinion it is the most racist city in the country. I was down there for a half a year a few years back and what I saw really made me think about things. Being of african descent I was stared at walking down the main road of the city like I was some kind of scum or something.

  3. and now that Chch is all but flattened many of these racists have fled to other parts of the country including Auckland, just this weekend I saw some middle age redneck ranting about how asians ruin NZ with “their lack of manners” putting it in nice words, not realising how uncomfortable made the customers and staff feel (it was inside a crowded supermarket, and being Auckland many non-kiwis there… talking about lack of manners lol!). Human garbage.

  4. Thanks for the heads up. I was gonna go to New Zealand(CHCH) on a student visa. Have to look at other options now. It’s sad though.

    • Wow! I was also going to Chch for Post doc…now I will not. Can not take the risks. Nazis? It seems like its still in 1800s.

      • good on you! stay away from dorkland (NZ), go to a civilised and progressive place where you and your skills are wanted!

  5. stop these jack assses theese nazis are not kiwis.
    police kill them if you have to.
    get rid of christchurches racists one away or another.

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