63 Year Old Man Hurt In Palmerston North Home Invasion

The good people of Palmerston North seem to be having a hard time of it at the hands of their criminal element, just weeks ago it was revealed that the town suffers at least one sex assault every week.

Palmerston North is a town which has endured various shootings , a stoush  at a school in Feilding, a hammer attack on teenager Blake Coleman and public humiliation when it was discovered that its Wikipedia page had been ‘edited’ to remove neagtive references to gang violence and crime.

We decided to look at the town’s current listing on Wikipedia and found this under the crime and policing heading – despite its appalling sex assault record and women warned to be vigilant whilst walking home alone over the Christmas period (when it was likely the attack rate would increase) so much for “satisfaction with safety in public places at night”:

“Palmerston North is the main centre of the New Zealand Police‘s Central District.[15] Palmerston North has improved from 36th to 7th in a list of the best places for low crime figures (2008). Overall, crime dropped by 10% in the past year (2008). This is a result of organisations working together on prevention and enforcement strategies. Violent crime has increased by 5% in the past year but this is compared with an 11% rise nationally. Satisfaction with safety in public places at night has remained at its 2007 level.[16]”

Now we have the sad news that a 63 year old man has been beaten and robbed in his own home by ‘several men‘ (some may call that a gang, but not in Palmerston North) He was injured in the attack, which took place in the early hours of this morning, and has been taken to hospital with light to moderate injuries. The police haven’t said what weapons, if any, were used. Thank goodness he wasn’t more seriously injured but he must still be very shaken after his ordeal.

The injured man was at an address in Waldegrave St,  which is about 2.5 km from Heretaunga Street where a shooting took place in September.

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2.1 km from  another shooting on Grey Street in June

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and 3km from another on Parata Street

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Our thoughts are with the injured man and we wish him a speedy, full recovery. We hope the thugs are caught soon.

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