Libby Templeman Remembered On The Anniversary Of Her Death

Family and friends have gathered to mark the anniversary of the tragic death of British schoolgirl Libby Templeman who was murdered in the small Northland town of Kerikeri on 1 November 1 2008.

Her mother Rebecca told the press

“This past year has felt like 10 years, going so slowly yet it only feels like a couple of months ago that we last saw and heard our beautiful, vibrant daughter. Her ‘surround sound’ is greatly missed,” says Rebecca.

“Each day we wake up, and just breath in and out in the hope that we have the strength to make it through another day. Trying not to suffer the pain in which Libby was taken from us so violently. “We live her last few minutes every day, like a looped recording, reeling in the disbelief, pain and humiliation in which she suffered.

“So many emotions, so many unanswered questions, but the main one being: ‘Why’. Never shall we understand or accept and nor should we. No one should.”

 Our heart goes out to them for their awful loss and for the pain they must endure every day.

A boy, who was 14 at the time of Libby’s passing, was arrested 5 days after she was found and has been charged with indecent assault and murder. He is due to stand trial on February 8, has name suppression and is in the custody of Child, Youth and Family in Auckland

“Friend of murdered Brit Liberty Templeman charged”: Article in the UK Daily Mirror
“Boy, 14, charged with Liberty’s sex murder”: Article in the UK Sun

Bebo Tribute Page for Libby – link

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