Elderly Woman Found Murdered In Kaitaia, Another Beaten in Tauranga – Updated 16 August

A 70 year old woman has been found dead in her own home. Neighbours discovered the woman, Barbara Jullian at 91 Matthews Avenue, Kaitaia at around 5.30pm yesterday.

Police have said that a man had been seen walking away from the house earlier in the day and a resident of the street had made a call after seeing a suspicious person at the property. It is not known if the call was followed up on.

A 17 year old youth has been arrested on an unrelated matter and is being treated as a “person of interest.”

Last Friday at around 4pm  69 year old Keitha Brown was attacked on Cameron Road, Tauranga and robbed of $12. After spending a night in hospital with injuries that included a broken humerus bone, a swollen cheek, a black eye and a cut to her face she left and is now recovering at home with her family.

The shocking homicide and attacks on defenseless elderly women come at a time when a survey has shown that 80% of New Zealanders are seriously worried about crime in the country but the majority of them think it doesn’t happen where they live.

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Update 16 August

Jameel Job, 17, has pleaded guilty to the murder of Barbara Julian and he will be sentenced in October. According to a Herald report:

Two pathologists – one based in the United States and the other in Tauranga – are expected to provide information on injuries suffered by Ms Julian. Mr Blaikie has asked for a psychological report into Job’s mental state when he murdered Ms Julian. Job has been further remanded to the Mason Clinic.

Police have yet to reveal how Ms Julian died, but Job was arrested shortly after her body was found after friends went to her home when she failed to keep a social appointment…”

Auckland’s Mason Clinic was created following a Government inquiry into the care of mentally ill offenders.  It provides “an integrated forensic mental health service to the northern region’s courts, prisons and general mental health services.”

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  1. Kaitaia kids – in the news again.


    “Hungry kids foraging in pig scraps ‘like the slums of Brazil’

    A doctor says the discovery of three hungry Northland children eating food scraps meant for pigs was like a scene from the slums of Brazil.”

    “He said he was recently told by the concerned owner of a local garage that children were ferreting through a staff-room pig bucket of scraps looking for food, and about six months ago treated a young child who drank an entire bottle of antibiotics because they were hungry.

    The family was so poor they were unable to pay for the petrol to get the child to the doctor.

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