Mangere Sex Attacker – 14 Year Old Arrested

According to various news reports a 14 year old youth has been arrested in connection with yesterday’s sex attack in Mangere. There have been a spate of attacks on young women and girls in the area (see yesterday’s blog post) which include the rape of an 8 year old child.

Police aren’t saying if the youth is responsible for all the attacks and or if the attacks are connected.

The Herald published a list of the attacks, all of which happened between 2-4pm, that are known about so far:

“September 8: 12-year-old girl dragged along alleyway and assaulted.
October 19: 8-year-old girl pulled to ground and raped in alleyway.
Thursday: 28-year-old mother assaulted while pushing pram along alleyway.
Yesterday: Mother in 20s carrying groceries assaulted in alleyway.
* Police are seeking a Polynesian man aged 18 to 20, about 1.65m and medium build, wearing dark-green hoodie and dark jeans.”

The description of the offender doesn’t seem to match that of the youth that’s been arrested so it remains to be seen if the police have caught their man. Parents are still being advised to watch their children and police and Maori wardens are patrolling the area.