Eva Kosanic, French National, Dies In Northland Car Crash (updated)

Yesterday we wrote about accident blackspots and the dangers presented by posts/poles on roadsides and how some simple measures (warning signs, speed limits, rumble strips, barriers along embankments etc) could reduce the high death and injury statistics on NZ roads. Hours later a French national was killed when the car she was driving failed to take a moderate bend, hit a tree and rolled down a bank.

Reports are that the woman is Eva Kosanic, aged 22. She hit the tree whilst travelling through Broadwood, 48km south east of Kaitaia. Police think that she was driving to Auckland to catch a flight back to Christchurch where she was an intern at Environmental Science and Research. She was due to return to France in the near future. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

Whilst it’s far too early to say why the crash happened we hope that accident investigators will be taking a close look at the road design, presence of warning signs, safety barriers and other relevant safety factors.

Update: A photo of her wrecked car is to the right, a report stated that she may have been in the car for two days before it was discovered.

Her death was the 25th on Northland roads this year, there were 23 last year.

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Eva wasn’t the only person to be killed yesterday. Another person died in a single vehicle crash near Matamata racecourse in Waikato just before 11am.
According to the AA

  • New Zealand’s Road Safety to 2010 strategy forecasts that 42 lives a year could be saved by improvements in road engineering.
  • Installing rumble strips on roads can reduce crashes by up to 27% by preventing run-off-road and head-on collisions.
  • Installing a barrier along an embankment can reduce run-off-road casualty crashes by as much as 45%.

311 people have died on NZ roads so far this year, up from 266 this time last year.
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5 thoughts on “Eva Kosanic, French National, Dies In Northland Car Crash (updated)

  1. Adieu Eva! Tu étais une fille vraiment géniale. J'ai passé des merveilleux moments avec toi. Tu vas nous manquer. Repose en paix!

  2. Eva was a student in the high school where I teach biology (lycée Masséna, Nice, France). She was a very good student and very kind as well. I am deeply affected by her death.
    jf Gandioli

  3. Eva was my friend..
    It was too eraly.
    Our school ENSBANA is thinking about her and her family..

  4. She was one of my classmates, and believe me, she was really appreciated by everyone. We were all scattered across the world for our internships during the last 5 months and were due to come back to France for the beginning of november, in order to finish our year. Really sad when you think about, that we won't be able to share our experiences with Eva.

    I still wonder how such a terrible thing could happen, this road didn't seem so dangerous to me (according to google street view). And I don't remember Eva as a daredevil…

    We are all deeply affected by her death, we will not forget her. May she rest in peace. Our thoughts are with the family and bf…

  5. Most of the roads in New Zealand are extremely unsafe compared to other 1st world countries. It is shocking and a shame!

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