Attempted Abduction In Gelnfield, North Shore

Glenfield is fast becoming Auckland’s most dangerous place north of the Harbour Bridge. It’s taken a while for the story to get out but it would appear a 14 year old girl fought off a would be abductor on 5th August. The man tried to snatch her as she walked along Seaview Road at around 4.30pm in the evening. Back in February there was another attempted kidnapping of an 11 year old girl in nearby Beach Haven.

Some other recent Glenfield related crimes include the stabbing murder of Paul Chong in View Road, a group of teenagers who were attacked and their car damaged on Glenfield Road, a gang of 4 young thugs from the suburb who beat-up two young couples in Milford and Takapuna and an Iranian buisness owner left in a coma and with severe facial wounds after an attack in Wairau Road.