Jobs For Kiwis – How It Impacted On An IT Worker

Just one story of how the “jobs for Kiwis” policy has impacted on the life of a European skilled worker who has lived in NZ for 8 years.

This is from a thread on the forum

8 July
“Read my story here

My work permit expired in March 09, i applied to have it renewed mid February. It wasn’t until early May that i was told that my application had been declined, by which time i had been without income for 6 weeks.

To my utter shock, i was told i had to leave NZ in two weeks, this in the form of a sticker on my passport for a visitor’s permit, valid for 2 weeks. And a nice letter warning me of the concequences of overstaying.

Anyway, i applied for a reconsideration, but was told: the only way i could stay was to apply for PR, but i couldn’t work while it was being processed.

So i made the decision to just pack up and leave this place for good. I tried to apply for an extension to my visitor’s permit so i could get my affairs sorted (sell furniture, car, settle debts, etc). And to my horror i was told: “We cannot grant you a visitor’s permit because we don’t think you are a genuine tourist!!!!!”

Thankfully, an MP intervened, and my visitor’s permit has been extended so i can sort out my personal affairs. Said MP has also represented my case to the Immigration minister, but i don’t care anymore. i’ve seen how expendable i am here, and i don’t ever want to be in a position where it can happen again.

My employers fought a good fight trying to keep me here, trying to get thru to the pin headed officials of NZIS. To them it was insane that i was asked to re-apply for a job that wasn’t vacant, and for them to train “readily available” kiwis for a non existent vacancy.

Needless to say, i am really disappointed, i’m not even angry anymore. I just want to get out and never look back. Everyday i read stories about the same thing happening to other people and i just feel for them.

In summary, my entire life has been turned upside down, at the start of the year, i had a good, secure, well-paying job, and with one fell swoop, NZIS took it all away from me. First putting me in a 6 week limbo, with no income, then telling me to get lost.

Good luck to us all.”

You may wonder why he doesn’t apply for permanent residence – from the link above:

“Simple, have you got a couple of thousand dollars lying around?
EOI: $400
Application fee $1400 per person (x3 for family)
Medicals: approx $300 each (with X-ray, blood tests x3)
Police Clearances: approx $100 each (x2 adults)
Migrant levy: $300 each?

Add the cost of daily living and starting life in a new country and being the only income earner.

It ain’t as easy as you think.”

NB: He can’t work whilst applying for PR (which could take months and there’s no guarantee he’d be granted it anyway) because he no longer holds a work permit.

It’s a shameful situation, there are many like him who are being forced out of stable jobs. New Zealand has lost a skilled IT expert who’ll be snapped up by another country that knows how to manage its skills shortage appropriately and his employer will have to meet the considerable cost of trying to find someone to replace him.

We wish him and his family every success for the future.

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