Mairehau School Goes Into Lock Down As Shots Fired

Mairehau High School went into lock down at around 11.30am today after reports of shots heard in the vicinity of a property on Hills Road, Christchurch. There were no reports of casualties and both the lock down and police cordon were lifted shortly after.
Update: According to NZCity two 19 year olds were later arrested for discharging a firearm near a dwelling.

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The incident may have caused alarm to many of the residents because the school is approximately 7 km from Wadhurst Place, the street where paraplegic man Shayne Richard Sime went on the rampage with a shotgun and rifle on Sunday night.

Sime, who held a firearms licence, was later shot dead by police after a 4 hour siege, during which over 100 rounds of ammunition were discharged and a member of the public and a police officer were injured.

Almost 2 months ago the town of Napier hit the world news headlines when gunman Jan Molenaar holed up in his house and killed a police officer and seriously injured 3 other people.

There are an estimated 230,000 licensed firearms owners in New Zealand, the number of weapons in circulation is unknown but is thought to exceed 1.1 million. For background see: Armed sieges and gun politics in New Zealand


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