Women’s Pay Discrimination Rally Today

Although New Zealand was one of the first countries in the world in which women were allowed to vote it’s lagging behind on pay parity between men and women.

NZ women earn an estimated 12-15% less an hour less than men, but the annual earnings gap may be worse because many women spend more time than men bringing up children and move in and out of the labour force more often.

A rally is being held in Wellington today to protest this and also the government’s scrapping of the Pay and Equity Unit at the Department of Labour, causing the loss of 7 jobs (ed. how many of them were women?) For details see link: Lunchtime rally

The Department of Labour cut an additional 18 jobs of staff who worked with with employers, educators and local government throughout the country to meet regional workforce needs.

Meanwhile plans are still going ahead for Work and Income to help with the recruitment and training of 7000 staff for fast food giant McDonalds.


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