Bullied Boy Tries to Jump From School Roof

From ODT

“A full-scale emergency response was sparked when a 10-year-old boy threatened to jump from the roof of a school building in Invercargill yesterday.

Senior Sergeant Dave Raynes of Invercargill Police said police, fire and paramedics were called to Ascot Community School at 11.45am after the boy threatened to jump from the roof of a single-storeyed building.
He was coaxed down by police investigators and taken to Invercargill police station, where he was to meet with mental health services.
It was understood the boy had been a victim of bullying about burns he had suffered in a house fire two years ago.”


Its appalling that a child as young as 10 was so repeatedly viticimised at school that he was driven to suicide.
In March of 2008 teenager Toran Henry, 17, died suddenly after he was beaten up in a fight videoed by Takapuna Grammar students.