Migrant Tales – We Did It!! Good Riddance New Zealand, Hello Yorkshire.

The Yorkshire Dales. Home is where the heart is.

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Welcome to the latest in our very popular Migrant Tales series – hundreds of first hand accounts of the migrant experience of New Zealand.

Today’s tale was sent to us by a British migrant who has been in New Zealand for six long years and has finally gotten together the means to leave.

The New Zealand house market is starting to fall from its peak and the NZ dollar is strong. This is a good time to release capital from your property and use it to leave for somewhere better, before the bubble bursts.

Here’s her tale, and why she’s leaving…

“WE DID IT!!! I know all caps is rude, but I’m excited!!!
We sold our Auckland house, in this crappy market, we did it!
Before it all goes to rats and the Auckland market goes down we’re out!!!
Hoping to actually be leaving the country at the end of this month!
With a solid 100 thousand pounds deposit for a house back home in North Yorkshire!
No more late nights worrying about my three old, in light of recent stories about teen depression and suicide, with absolutely no plan by the government in how to even being to tackle it.
I don’t have to worry that someone is going to try to teach my kid to ‘toughen up’ ‘take a concrete pill’ ‘a little bullying makes us what we are’ none of that crap for my boy.
No more worries that even if I did manage to push him through ’tis woefully lacking school system that he’s still going to have sky high student debts with slim chance of a job at the end of it all.
No more worries that he will never, never own a house.
Or even more worrying that he will need up in a Rickety old crappy house, that is slowing killing him.
No more worrying about whether we can have meat for dinner or not, on a combined income of over 170 thousand we still struggle to decide what to eat because our budget is so tight.
No more being told that as an immigrant i took someone’s job-get off your ass and go to dental school if you want me job!
Or that it’s my fault the house prices are so high! Are you shi**ing me! I live a full 50k drive one way from work, my commute 1 way is over an hour and half, and that’s cos that’s all we could afford!
No more watching shops open and close open and close at my local plaza, it’s so depressing, Auckland feels like people just clawing over people to try and get businesses up and running, just to try and survive.
No more having to read comments on my local ‘free stuff’ Facebook group like ‘does may have any spare antibiotics? My kid is sick and I can’t afford the doctor’, ‘does anyone have any spare clothes for a four year old, my kid doesn’t fit his anymore and I can’t afford to get him some’.
No more taking my life in my hands when I drive anywhere. Seriously, what the heck is wrong with the driving here???
We did 6 years, I feel like I let myself slip back job wise, my husband certainly has never had the work opportunities here he did in the UK.
Neither of us have had the respect or the gratitude from our workmates here that we did in the U.K. In fact here, were met with mistrust and outright disdain.
And the biggest sign that we should go? My Facebook post to announce we’re leaving…all my kiwi friends ‘ah well, yes, English do struggle here, its a shams you couldn’t make it work’ YOU. Like it’s all my fault. Like they don’t see at all, even 1 bit of our point of view.
Or ‘god, you’re going back to England? Why?! It’s soooo much better weather here!’ No it’s not. Not when you think at least when it rains in England I’m in a good, warm, solid house.
‘You’re going back? See you in 6 months when you realise your mistake’ nope you just won’t!!!
Ain’t no way we’re coming back!
We’re outta here! And it’s the best nights sleep I’ve had in three years when we found out we had sold the house!!!
Bring on North Yorkshire!
We just can’t wait!”

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An example of New Zealand’s “much better weather”:

Can you imagine all this in a damp home, with no double glazing, little insulation and no central heating. Venture outside and you’ll find frozen, ungritted roads.


As usual, NZ is woefully under-prepared for its winter weather which routinely brings the country to a standstill. And then there’s the earthquakes to worry about…

31 thoughts on “Migrant Tales – We Did It!! Good Riddance New Zealand, Hello Yorkshire.

  1. Hello E2NZ and everybody ! From…LONDON !!! Yeah I did it..made it too they the other side ! But boy oh boy it sure was an adventure an big jump ! So.. first let me just say I am happy for these guy’s they have made it back to paradise too ! Congratulations guy’s !!! Yeah i can imagine prices in Auckland can flip your budget over the top. .. It sounds crazy but the prices must have skyrocketed there i am sure.. i hope you guy’s sold your home with an good profit though.

    Well as for my story..after 5 years spending mainly in Christchurch of course there is much to tell..will do that story one day. but for now i want to share a bit of my escape from NZ.
    So half December 2016 my husband and me left Christchurch new Zealand. We managed to save up enough money and got our car sold just on time !. Then we bought the last cheap ticket of the year to Brisbane Australia. And yeah that was an shot in the rose !! My goodness Paradise yeah !

    And so we had of the best summers of my life there in the sunshine coast ! We stayed in Australia for three months travelling but unfortunately i had to let go of my husband. When we arrived in Bali he left to his family in Holland… I think he just couldn’t cope with it anymore meeting some rough aussies and trying to get over the trauma’s in nz.

    Anyway i still had an great good month in bali and after that decided to go back to Aussie.i stayed for about an month and an half because there was no opportunity for me to get an visa. the working holiday visa didn’t get through.

    And i felt i needed to see my mum after 6 years being away from home as she needed my help too. Besides it was getting quite cold and rainy in Aussie so I thought it wouldn’t be too bad spending an summer in Europe… saving my money back again.

    So I spend about an month with my mum in Holland met a few friends including my ex husband !! And it was good seeing him after months ! where it all started…

    Got a few jobs saved some money and then found an job in Portugal . It’s only 25 euro to London so I thought it would be nice to have an holiday..for about an week. Later the job in Portugal got cancelled and So i stayed in London found an job and good friends. Funny enough I got to live with an kiwi who will never return to new zealand either…

    Now i found an even better job with super pay and you wouldn’t believe it also an kiwi works here!! even in aussie i met so many kiwi’s from Christchurch. ..Suprised ?

    Well and so here i am still in London and no plans of leaving… Not settling down here but meeting amazing people and i will see where it takes me while i stock up the bank account…

    and yeah the groceries…WTF most things for vegans 1 pound ?

    WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T I COME HERE BEFORE ?! yeah this is the land of milk and honey..

    my plan is to apply for an visa to go to Canada before my next birthday in march and see who i can bring with me hahah

    all best of luck for all who are still stuck !

  2. This country gets worse with each passing day and is in a very sad state, it’s so very wearing and I am utterly sick of seeing and reading about folks that are on the bones of their arses. Especially sickening to see such extreme poverty, people living on the edge lighting BBQs indoors to try and keep warm and literally begging for firewood or trading basic necessities on FB community pages.

  3. Isn’t it obvious to everyone the problem with NZ is the small population, the ingrained beer and rugby culture, and the Maori vs pakeha tall poppies. I was born there in the early 70s, but moved to Oz in 80, as my fathers an Aussie. Still have relos there, and unless you grew up there, why wouldn’t you find it an eye-opener, didn’t the movie Once were Warriors showcase what a hellhole us and them place it is? Obviously a lot of ex -pats are now across the ditch as Nz wages are just atrocious and Nz can’t sustain anything with such a paltry population, yes, it used to be so much better, I have only been back twice in 37 yrs. Blame the harden-up culture of the indigenous people who don’t like change, and the gutless government feathering its own nest, but a lot of yanks on here overlooking the endless problems the US has, it’s a culture thing, Maoris, African Americans, Indians, Muslims, Asians will never get along.

  4. New Zealand has really deteriorated under this government. I don’t blame people for leaving. I am lucky to have bought my home when they were easily affordable (on not a huge wage). Now it is practically impossible for my kids to do the same. I would hate to be a young person working my butt off with the thought I probably won’t every own my own home. N.Z used to be a great country. Sad state of affairs for the coming generations.

  5. I’d love to bugger off out of here. 2 months back and I’m spent. Literally and figuratively. This place has gotten worse in the year and a bit I’ve been away. House prices are absurd and I swear I see more poor people than the last time.
    Only difference is my indifference is more honed. I give even less of a shit about kiwis than I did before if that was possible. But I’d love to get out of here. If I had the chance I’d be gone in a jiffy.
    Good luck to those who escaped.

  6. Moved back to Yorkshire after 15 years in Auckland. Loved NZ for the time we were there, however you’ll love being back in the UK. We’ve been back 18 months now and it’s absolutely fantastic. People are funny, the driving is better, proper motorways, beer, housing, festivals, Europe ….. just life !!! Camped in the Lake District 3 times already this year. After being away for so long; just watch the banks, and car insurance companies. You won’t exist in the system. Takes some work to sort this out.

      • Cannot help with that to be honest. To many variables to consider. There are good parts and bad parts all over. Depends on what your financial position and lifestyle expectations are.

  7. You are lucky that you have come to realise NZ is now a third world country. I am a victim of the Christchurch earthquake still waiting to be paid out. I left NZ two years ago and will never return. My wife is a Kiwi (school teacher) and she is appalled what goes on in NZ. The abject poverty, neo liberal politics and tall poppy mentality.
    My wife tells me it use to be a caring country….not anymore

  8. Oh myyyyyy.
    We want to move to Yorkshire but have been hesitating moving from chch as my other half is a Muslim andcmy children olive skinned. The racism on tv puts us off. I’m Lancashire born and bred and would love to move to Yorkshire at the end of this year. Much for the reasons you outline. I’m only hesitant because of our mixed family… . Please let me know how you get on. So very excited for you…. well done.

    • I left 19 months ago after 25 years in NZ and came to Manchester. I was also a little worried as my daughter in law and granddaughter are Muslim. Apart from the odd rude stare they have been fine. I don’t miss too much about NZ!

    • Racism is worse in NZ, despite the stories that you hear of from the UK, this is a very small amount. You only have to look at Manchester and the Grenfell fire to see that there no divisions between faith or race. There will always be some ignorant toads in any country but the society norm is that it isn’t tolerated where in NZ it is the norm. I wouldn’t say racism is a reason not to come back to the UK, but it is a reason to leave NZ. It’s better in the UK than you think!

  9. “No more worrying about whether we can have meat for dinner or not, on a combined income of over 170 thousand we still struggle to decide what to eat because our budget is so tight.”

    Is this poster serious??? 170 grand a year? And your budget was ‘tight’? Even for rip off shithole NZ you must have been living beyond your means.

    Try living on minimum wage with scum bag neighbours and landlords.

    Also, fuck Facist-book. Announcing you were leaving was the dumbest thing you could have done. Were you really that surprised the inbred baboons didn’t give a toss? Make sure your house isnt vandalised by jealous Kiwis.

    Congrats on getting out tho, you’re one of the few lucky ones.

    • 170k a year….. We live on a third of that and have meat everyday and the house is insulated, double glazed and warm (although we had to do that from the shack it was). On 170k a year you’d live like royalty in NZ….. what were you spending money on? A posh shack maybe? Regardless – nice decision to leave. I’m still Gob smacked…… 170k a year……; and struggling?! Wow……

      • I don’t know this person’s circumstance but have heard of people arriving in NZ sending their kids to an NZ state school and suddenly finding things not to their liking (excessive peer pressure, bullying, relaxed attitude to drug taking, educational performance falling away etc) and having to move their kids into private schools and pay $30K for each child and that brings poverty.

        • In regard to state schooling, as a young Kiwi, I became acquainted with bullying and tall poppy in my very first week of school. My mother made me a very nice new frock to attend the primary school in our middle class suburb. The girl seated beside me deliberately cut a hole into it when we used scissors to make cut outs. I watched in horror, quite powerless. I soon learned about my peers who were often irrational and bullying types. My solution was to become introverted, and have quite a few “sickies” to stay home.

        • We have had issues with a particular High School and moved my child out of it. I don’t want to put online the trials and tribulations of my children but it seemed that the school agreed my child was being assaulted by a violent thug but didn’t seem interested in taking any action. The school said the boy already had a long line of issues with the police and would be detrimental to his future if the school disciplined him. I can only assume the school was getting extra funding, my child was scared to go to school so we had no choice to move. I have heard similar stories like this since.

      • I can’t assure you we do not live beyond our means! A lot of the reason
        We want to leave is that we work bloody hard for those wages, I leave the house at 630am and walk back in my door at 845pm, and still I can’t live luxuriously!
        170 is our combined wages before taxes, our outgoing, ones I consider normal, fuel, childcare, mortgage, electricity, water, rates, car insurance, health and life insurance-granted These are a choice, but I had them in England too, are just a little over 5500 dollars a month.
        Our grocery budget is 250 a week, and with the last vegetables I bought 1 cauliflower was 5 dollars!
        I don’t live in Auckland central and I have a two hour commute.

        • Hey, Lauren.
          I’m sorry you had a bad experience in NZ.
          We’ve been living in the South Island from 2014 to 2016 (3 years).,. we’re in Australia now …
          Our yearly income was half of yours, and having 3 kids we never had a dilemma whether we could afford meat …
          Something just doesn’t add up …

      • Again, no, we don’t live like royalty. The ‘shacks’ in my area, even three years ago when we got on the market, were well in excess of 600,000 we bought our lovely, but small, new house for 450000, and even though it’s a new build, it’s a kiwi new build, so even with double glazing, we need oil heaters on in the winter cos it’s freezing, I’d love to put a heat pump in but we can’t afford to!

        • Crazy how things add up, we are paying $30k a year on banks loans, $10K a year on life assurance, $3k on medical insurance, then property insurance, rates, power, phone, school fees, food, vehicle costs, dentist etc. We seldom go out, take holidays, don’t drink or smoke and seem to be blowing $110K or so a year on bills and taxes. Luxuries are insurance. A lot of New Zealanders are uninsured and it would certainly give us more breathing space if we ditched things like medical insurance. My children all have braces which is costing a fortune. Surprising what house maintenance issues come up.

          • Yes..i must say we’ve thought of ditching insurances but haven’t.
            I don’t know if all these living costs are any fewer or any less in the uk though? Are they?
            I’d be keen to get some perspectives. We earn 110k a year between us and are almost mortgage free in nz…. we’d be earning less than this in the uk but could afford to buy a modest house outright.
            We’re moving back for the culture and people and to have stuff to do and places to go as well as for my girls education but worry it might be frying pan… fire?
            Muslim husband adds to the concerns…. myself and girls are not…. although they are olive brown next to my white complexion!!!!
            Nearer the date gets the more I’m stressing….

    • In New Zealand, even if you make good money, you will not be allowed to prosper. The government will take up to 75% of your income, which can leave you struggling, even when making good money. Let’s break it down:

      Income tax (highest bracket) 30%
      GST 15%
      Student loan 10%
      Child maintenance 25%

      Total: 75%

      This means that with an income of $100,000 per year, it is still possible to have only $25,000 per year to live on, which is LESS than minimum wage. Note that this DOESN’T include all the extra taxes hidden in things like petrol, ACC levies, import duties, “voluntary” school donations etc.

      Now, you could argue that a student loan and child maintenance are not taxes, but they are. They are paid through the tax department, a dead giveaway as to what their real intentions are. Both of these have thresholds, so you won’t be paying the percentage on your full income, but they will affect the vast majority of it. . Tertiary education used to be paid for in taxes. The government stopped this support, passing the expense on to the population. It’s one of the many expenses the NZ government has passed on to their population, but at least with this one, it only runs until you pay off your student loan. It should be noted that getting tertiary education in NZ is largely a waste of time. You can have all the right qualifications, but if you don’t know the right people, and kiss the right posterior, you won’t make any progress whatsoever.

      With child maintenance, custodial parents (mostly women) already receive considerable help through the tax system with benefits such as accomodation supplement, childcare subsidies etc. You can get these, even when earning considerable income if you are a custodial parent. This means that in New Zealand, not only will ALL of the costs of raising your children be paid for you, but you will be paid extra as well, which turns child rearing into a profit making business. It is no surprise that many women turn into professional baby making machines with this in place; the more babies they have, the higher their income becomes. Around 45% of these women are on welfare; some are on six figure incomes. But remember, for ever solo mum there is at least one guy whose life has been largely RUINED through being stripped mined for money (most of these women have multiple kids to different fathers, so one solo mum has often wrecked the lives of 4, 5 or even 6 men).

      Because of the way the the child maintenance system is set up, over HALF of it is not paid to parents, despite the fact that NZ has one of the worst records of child poverty in the developed world. Instead, it goes into the government’s tax take to try to compensate for all the money paid out to solo parents — a problem the government has largely created by paying people to have kids. Child maintenance RUINS income earning capacity. Because it is percentage based and lasts for 18 years, it DESTROYS any ability to make progress at all.

      It’s not difficult to see how you can earn a six figure income, yet still be forced to live in a friend’s garage, and be one step away from bankruptcy with such an unfair system in place.

    • Hey nebula ! i always have to laugh when i read your humor about the kiwi’s. this is great stuff !haha i am writng you from london wimbledon and so have finally made it to paradise after an half year long trip through australia , bali and europe ! couldn’t be more thrilled ! and yes you were right about london it is an great place to live and far more better then NZ Can’t believe i am writing you from here..cause when we talked it seemed impossible to return. but one should never give up.. lost my husband along the way all my money..but now have found an brilliant high paid job in the UK !!! XX

      • Heya , thats great you got out of New Zealand. I am back in the uk also, been here 4 months now.

      • Great spirit Western Chick!! I agree that one should never give up. I too am out in the normal global world, but I have a house to sell “in there.” The village is now a slum thanks to no regulation and law application, and bad policing. I really hope that I can make a sale. I am so worried about going back “in there.”

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