What Kiwis Say About NZ – “How did NZ become so f***ed up?? Your guess is as good as mine, but there is a definite inter-generational pattern of abuse & neglect”

Read what a returning Kiwi says about NZ

This is part of our “what Kiwis say about NZ” project first hand accounts of life for the locals in New Zealand.

You’ll see many commonalities between articles in this series and those from Migrant Tales.

Today’s article comes from a comment that was made in a thread here at E2NZ.org, written by someone returning to New Zealand after being out of the twilight zone for a decade:

“All of the above experiences are remarkably similar to my own.

Returning to NZ after a decade in Europe, only to be viewed as a “threat” and actively persecuted by the community for it. The very first impression – which was extremely obvious – upon my return to NZ was the inherent sense of false superiority that Pakeha feel towards non-Pakeha. I live rural, remote, and it is especially palpable in the “wop wops”. Most local Pakeha (minority of the population) are business owners who seem intent/entitled to personally profit from exploiting the deprivation, illiteracy and poverty of local non-Pakeha (majority of the population). The whole process of colonisation has created a societal chasm of the “haves” and “have nots”, and this is considered to be socially just and acceptable.

The second evident phenomenon was the blatant misogyny. I’ve lost count of how many times I have had to endure the sight & sound of a female being beaten by a male, whilst her own family members watch and do nothing. If she does get the gumption to “run away”, her own family members will return her to her abuser. Positively medieval indeed.

The rate of child abuse and neglect is horrific. Again, I continue to see/hear scenes of children left to their own devices due to their primary caregivers (parent/grandparents) drinking and drugging elsewhere, day or night. If their own family members see absolutely nothing wrong with the abuse and neglect – how is a community/society supposed to change that fact?

Another obvious aspect of life in NZ is the chronic abuse of “Government Funding”, otherwise known as the NZ Govt offloading their social responsibilities by contracting out essential services such as Health/Education/Social Services/Corrections etc. Indeed, our local police actively participate in criminal activity, be it cannabis cultivation or sexual abuse. Sexual Abuse is HUGE in NZ, it occurs at all levels of society and a search on google will come up with: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11715079, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louise_Nicholas, http://newzealandchildabuse.com/, http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2017/04/opinion-state-care-abuse-robbed-thousands-of-their-futures.htm – and many more besides.

How did NZ become so f***ed up?? Your guess is as good as mine, but there is a definite inter-generational pattern of abuse & neglect, functionning from the top down. If you wish to keep your family safe, do not move to NZ. You will live to regret it.

19 thoughts on “What Kiwis Say About NZ – “How did NZ become so f***ed up?? Your guess is as good as mine, but there is a definite inter-generational pattern of abuse & neglect”

  1. A Kiwi “returned” gets treated exactly the same way as a foreigner does in New Zealand. A close British friend of mine who migrated to NZ in the 1970’s, and has worked in high level employment there ever since and is now close to retirement, is angry at my article that has been published in the last few hours on e2nz.org. He is very defensive about any negativity in regard to his adopted country, and I guess that he does not want to regard his adopted country of choice as a huge mistake after all these decades. But he knows of all that happened to me in my tiny village in the scenic reserve, and how my property was trashed more than once, and the insane residents who made him fear even leaving his expensive car in the driveway.
    He was beside me in the hearings, and saw first hand how the criminal justice system failed me. He was beside me watching me get exposed to horrific police corruption, and he was so shocked. Yet I am not allowed to criticize the country that he selected to migrate to. He knows all, but still wants to drink the cool aid. I cannot believe his attitude. He knows the facts. Why this defensiveness?

    • No one admits it. Never. The nepotism, the corruption, the violence, the drug and alcohol abuse, the overall hypocrisy in general. It’s like they’re averse to seeing their perceived image reflected back in a harsh light. I’ve been accused of being “negative” and I positively deny the accusation. I tell it like it’s been for me here in this country and I make no mistake about it and pull no punches. Kiwi’s hate when you ruffle their feathers. Harden up is what I say to your friend. Learned that saying here so how’s that for integration?

    • I think your friend has developed Kiwi-Eye! It’s a disease caused by drinking Kool-Aid over a prolonged period. After several years, your eyes seeing anything other than you want them to. Pity is, they actually believe what they see! Add this to the “I’m all right Jack” syndrome and you have it. They think it’s you, not them who can’t see the truth about this dire little Pacific hell hole. Best of luck.

    • Yes to this and from my personal experience even your own kiwi family will enjoy watching you struggle ,they thrive on misery and injustice ,it could so easily be so different ,could be like the propaganda but where’s the fun in watching a population thrive ?

    • E2NZ. Yes that is what I am told, by my friend, basically shut up and take it, and directly told “to suck it up.”
      I can clearly see what goes on in NZ is not going on in other countries, it is an an aberration. My friend makes out to be pro-establishment and sucks up to the old boys network a little I think, as much as he needs to get along, I guess for his own security. Security is synonymous with “fitting in.” But he has rocked the boat quite bravely now and then, and can be very cool when the whole pack are rabid and out for blood.
      He does not get criminals and psychopaths though- no one really does until they have been exposed to it. He would come to my village, park his car, and once got to my back door, after soaking up the terrible atmosphere in my street of thugs and psychos. Wide-eyed he said “this place is riddled with crime,” as it is palpable in the atmosphere. The guy next door and a few others, don’t even look right. They look like either mental patients or escapees. I doubt that they would be able to walk the streets anywhere overseas. Their behavior is intrusive, inappropriate, and thoroughly non-stop criminal. The local police treat them like they are regular middle class people, and ignore them when they are caught blatantly engaging in crime, in the midst of it in fact.But that is also in the TV series, “Top of the Lake,” where the local gangster, Matt, has the cops in his pocket.

    • E2NZ- here is the awaited response from my British friend..

      “Bollocks, they are a bunch of losers and I’m not lowering myself to their level”

      • We are a bunch of losers. In order to win in NZ you have to embrace its decrepit lifestyle of dishonesty, ignorance and bigotry. I think your British friend is on a winner.

      • Yes E2NZ, my British friend is terrified, and it is definitely the issue of the framework of his entire empire collapsing and his belief system. He built something nice and beautiful in NZ, but the lovely landscape and the great fishing spots, and his lovely houses are all built on the soil of the rotten Dark Isles, and the rotten rabid, feral inhabitants are in fact a stones throw away.He suffered Tall Poppy syndrome many times at work, and this actually led to an earlier retirement than could have been. He cannot bear admitting all that can be readily viewed on the E2NZ site.

      • Police too ‘busy’ to attend 111 call about gunshots – NZ Herald
        Jan 27, 2014 – It was 2.45am, a week since a double shooting in the big city and Richard Mathias heard gunshots. He didn’t expect his 111 call to police would elicit this response. … was a busy morning, and unusually, no Mosgiel police were on roster. … to .22 calibre shots in Waipori Falls Rd, and later one shotgun blast.

        Man shoots himself in foot | Otago Daily Times Online News
        Mar 10, 2014 – A 38-year-old Waipori Falls man was flown to Dunedin Hospital by the Otago Regional Rescue Helicopter after he accidentally shot himself in …

    • Because you’re supposed to shut up and take it?
      Way before the socialist indoctrination was implemented, NZers self indoctrinated the “tall poppy” concept of sucking it up, shutting your mouth, and delude yourself that everything was peachy.
      The conformity aspect of a socialist society is lagging far behind the willing conformity of “tall poppy”.
      Something that NZers are well and truly ahead of the curve is crushing any form of introspection and self evaluation to find out if it might be a bit of $h!t.

  2. As crazy and biased as the article seems, it’s not! I have lived here all of my life and seen all of it first hand. It hasn’t got any better with all the bollocks NZ government programs, just better hidden! Everyone in NZ has heard the screams and seen the police taking people away, only to reunite them shortly after, so the child and woman smashing can continue! Seriously, if you love your wife and children, don’t bring them here and expose them to this 3rd world, caveman retarded country!

    • I knew I made a mistake coming here when I was sneered and mocked at a BBQ for suggesting that toddlers probably shouldn’t ride quad bikes.

    • That’s what drives the insanity here ,nothing makes any sense yet one is supposed to shut up and go along with it ,I think this remote cluster fuck place is similar to the fictional work called “Lord of the Flys”, forget !”Lord of the Rings”.

    • New Zealand women are just as bad. Many of them are extremely violent, and will either attack the guys they are with, or will deliberately pick fights. But, if a man calls the police to report their behaviour, in most cases HE will be treated as the perpetrator.

      Out of the six significant women I’ve had in my life while living in NZ, four of them were violent. Combined with other issues routinely carried out by them such as contraceptive fraud, lying about rape (60% of rape claims are false), emotional abuse, and using all of these tactics to systematically remove a man’s children from his life using the courts; New Zealand women are toxic and hazardous.

      Get a group of NZ men together, without women around, and the horror stories of relationships with them start to flow. Many men, including myself, have had their lives TOTALLY ruined by Kiwi women. Men have had their children stolen, been beaten up, or been abused in any other number of ways by women; and been forced into situations like living in a friend’s garage, because of female behaviour. Then they get laughed at. Male misfortune and hardship is considered amusing to many, who won’t respond by helping, but with a “man up and take it” type approach. There is ZERO support for abused men, because NZ society quite genuinely doesn’t care about men at all. Support is almost EXCLUSIVELY for women. If you are a man and end up in a situation like I did of being violently attacked by your partner, while your own daughter is forced to watch; even if you leave, you have little choice to return, rely on Kiwi “friends” (who will also believe you are the perpetrator), or end up on the street. Women have domestic shelters and the assumption they are ALWAYS the victim. Women have choices.

      These days I am a man who has gone his own way. I don’t participate in romantic relationships of any kind and have not done so for many years. The last four women who wanted a relationship with me, I turned away. New Zealand women are simply too dangerous and not worth the effort. I’d rather spend my time pursuing my goals, than waste it on a Kiwi woman.

      New Zealand is a brutal place, but this doesn’t just apply to the behaviour of its men. The place is full of thugs of BOTH sexes, and there is no excuse for EITHER to behave violently.

      • Violence begets violence. This is learned behaviour cultivated at the core of this nation’s Psyche and is systematically excused. They treat it like a Rugby match where the referee is biased and blind to it.
        But you see through it. It’s the coward’s way. Easier to cheat than to tackle it head on. Kiwi’s are not so tough. They take shortcuts to claim the high road. They’re full of shit and weak as piss.

        • I agree with what you are saying. But people SHOULD be held responsible and accountable for their own behaviour, this is the very core of what it means to be an adult. At the most basic level, being violent is a CHOICE.

          One of the 4 violent women I mentioned in my earlier message was my own mother. She is from the UK (like my father), but joined a “woman’s group” when I was young. She became infected with the NZ way of doing things. It was shortly after that she started hitting me with a bamboo garden stake on a regular basis. Of course, the NZ system did NOTHING to stop the abuse, and it continued for most of my childhood. On regular occasions I ended up with bleeding welts down the backs of both my legs. I was also regularly strapped at school, and when I was about 7 years old, one teacher was nearly fired for strapping me 6 times on each hand. I was strapped so frequently, I developed callouses on both hands. I was hated at school by both students and teachers alike, who would scream at me to go back to England (I was born in NZ). I was picked on constantly, called names and beaten up at school on several occasions. Of course, NOTHING was ever done about it. This is what it is like to grow up in New Zealand for many children.

          This has caused me to have ZERO tolerance for violence and abuse. My own opinion is that when parents hit their children as a form of punishment, it is ALWAYS about the parent being angry and venting their anger on the child. In essence, the child is being used as a punching bag. No sane parent will hit their children, when that parent is calm and relaxed. It is far better to calmly explain the consequences of the action that child has carried out, hold them accountable, and get them to rectify the issue in accordance with their age. This is exactly what we do at home. A good example of this was when my daughter and a friend threw mud all over one side of the house. I didn’t get angry. Why would I? I’m an adult, not a puppet. I simply explained calmly that they had made a mess, got a couple of buckets of water, gave them both cloths, and left them to clean it up. They didn’t like being held accountable for what they had done, but they never did it again.

          The biggest problem in this area that I see in NZ is that parents are NOT held accountable for their own actions; it’s part of NZ culture. There is a reactionary attitude that because someone comes from a violent background, they have a long list of reasons to be violent themselves. It’s a way of looking for excuses to justify the behaviour. This is a country where over 80% of the population voted AGAINST a change in the law that gave children better protection against family violence. This same reactionary attitude of responsibility dodging and lack of accountability permeates EVERY area of NZ, from the culture to business and causes numerous problems.

          People have a choice whether they want to repeat the behaviour of their parents, or learn from it, but when they are continually told that they are the way they are because of their background and are placed in a culture that does NOTHING to hold them responsible and accountable, they don’t realise they can take a different path, should they choose to do so.

          The very essence of being an adult is living by CHOICE; a baby is completely reactionary responding in a knee jerk way to the world around them; a young child is reactionary, but if parented properly, should become less so as they grow older; an adult is NOT reactionary. If they are, they may have the body of an adult, but they are behaving like a child. Likewise, babies and young children are not held fully accountable for their actions, because they are learning. They make mistakes. As they grow older the level of responsibility and accountability should increase, until they are fully responsible and fully accountable.

          The reactionary focus, lack of accountability and lack of responsibility that NZ has, goes a long way to explaining why this country is a nanny state; it’s because it is full of children, masquerading as adults. Only a child needs a nanny.

          • @Xavier Money really nice post and really well explained. The whole atmosphere is miserable. I am constantly on guard, I can never relax and truly put some trust into people. You just know as soon as you say something they will have a REACTIVE response. Forget trying speak your mind, even if it’s something benign and not important. Much like a baby or a small child. It’s depressing it really makes me sad mostly, such a lonely existence here.

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