Irish Female Tourist Stabbed While Jogging on Tahunanui Beach, Nelson


Knife crime is common in NZ, as are attacks on female joggers

New Zealand is often marketed to migrants as being somewhere with a low incidence of crime, a great lifestyle,and above all – safer than where they live now.

Nothing could be further from the truth, today we learn that a young woman was stabbed as she jogged along Tahunanui Beach, the main beach in the city of Nelson.

Later news reports identified her as an Irish tourist, which is going to result in a massive PR exercise to lessen the impact of the crime now that it’s likely to gain international attention.

We fully expect that when she’s recovered she’ll be pressured into giving the now obligatory “NZ is a wonderful country, this didn’t spoil my enjoyment of it” statement.

According to the New Zealand Her assault wasn’t one of the many that have been perpetrated deliberately against female joggers in New Zealand, some of which have resulted in murder or rape. The most recent of which was the assault of a female runner near to Auckland Zoo, Western Springs 3 days ago.

No, she just ‘happened‘ to get caught-up in a knife fight between two males who were unknown to her. Doesn’t look like a tourist assault at all…does it? This could so easily have been another Karen Aim case, we’re glad that it wasn’t.

But then again, Nelson does have a violent crime problem and members of the public do get caught up in them. You can’t blame tourists for not knowing how unsafe New Zealand can be, look at the advertising blurb they’re presented with:


It has been a while since Orcs attacked anyone in NZ

This is the New Zealand Herald’s original report:

“A woman was allegedly stabbed in the leg while she was out running on a beach in Nelson. The incident happened near Tahunanui Beach in Nelson about 9pm yesterday. Police said two men were reported to have become involved in an altercation. A woman running in the area – who was not known to either of the men – was approached by one of the men and allegedly stabbed in the leg with a large knife.

She received hospital treatment and was been left very traumatised by the incident…” NZHerald

It was the Nelson Mail who first made public the woman’s nationality and tourist status

A female Irish tourist has been stabbed in the leg with a large knife while jogging, police say. Two men were seen fighting about 9pm on Friday night near Tahunanui Beach in Nelson, they said. Senior sergeant Blair Hall said the woman, 28, of Ireland, who did not know either of the men, received hospital treatment and had been left traumatised. St John described the injury to the woman’s left thigh as moderate.

Police had since arrested and charged a 25-year-old Nelson man in relation to the incident. Hall said the woman was near the playground at the beach when two men reportedly became involved in an altercation “and she’s been injured”. “Unfortunately, she was in the vicinity.” Nelson Mail

Emigrating or vacationing in Nelson, New Zealand for the safe lifestyle? You may like to think again and look for somewhere else.

Also in today’s news:

Kayla Walker-Ratahi slashed in the face for spilling wine at a Napier bar Hawkes Bay Today


Kayla Walker-Ratahi, is still reeling after a savage wine glass attack that left her face scarred. The 19-year-old was enjoying a night out in the Thirsty Whale pub on December 3 with her friend when she was slashed across the face and chest with a wine glass. She’d been walking across the dance floor when she bumped into someone and the person’s drink spilt.

“I moved to the side but this person then smashed her wine glass on my face and chest.”… read on

Nelson Snippets’ Reveals Extent of Crime, Life in Small Town New Zealand

The owner of the Nelson Snippets Facebook page is using a scanner to listen in to police broadcasts to tell her community about crimes. She’s asking people to go to the police with information, helping to solve crimes  and making people proactive about their own security. You can find the page here Nelson Snippets 

It is also a vignette of small town life in Nelson, New Zealand. It shows how frequent crime is.

17 Dec 2016: Morning so this morning we woke up to find some miserable bugger has been stealing our christmas lights. We live in stoke round marsden road we noticed afew bits missing the other day but thought the kids had moved it now this morning they tried taking more only to find they were attached and have left. To be honest it seems like it could be YOUNG kids happening before 1am but after dark we would just like them back the kids dont need to be scared Thanks

16 December 2016:Trailer and freezer stolen – Parked on the side of Dawson Road Mapua. Trailer stolen with the freezer on the trailer between 4.30pm and 5pm – If you were driving down Dawson Road during this time and saw someone unhooking a trailer pls let me know!

13 December: Please post: petrol thieves are on the prowl, an orchardist had an attempted but failed attempt last night in Mahana Tasman. . Please let all rural farmers/orchardists/people aware to stop these buggers.

13 December: Theft from opel Quarantine road, got a clear shot off their cameras. Happened today.

Jan 9: Wow is there a full moon tonight. Aggro all over town. Toi toi, domestic, Parkers road attacking taxi drivers. WashBourne drive youths fighting on the street with rocks, fight on main road stoke. And that doesn’t count the guys in reef ton who rolled their car and ran away or the young men at the rugby grounds at Spring Creek “not doing nuthin” but one has got a bone sticking out of his leg. Youse are all drunk. GO HOME.

Nelson Snippets includes multiple pictures of stolen and burned-out cars (some of them stolen for spare parts) reports of break ins and thefts, road crashes, assaults etc.

Here’s some of the reports since the end of 2014. Unlike attacks on joggers, most of them don’t make it into news reports in case it makes people see their community in a negative light.

June 9: Stolen from Tahunanui Drive around 8pm tonight. 2004 White Toyota Altenza Rego FPK69 Last seen heading into the city. Half a tank of gas Driver Maori or polynesian wearing blue hoodie Eye out everyone

Jun 7: about 6.30pm today my sister had 2 bags stolen from her car. She was just dropping something off to my grandma and they were taken. Happened at the retirement village off pole stead rd in stoke which has the bike track running through it. She has reported to police but if anyone’s biking the track tomorrow could you please keep and eye out for anything just incase the bags were dumped. The bags contained a few sentimental things that we would really like to get back, Thanks. One was a big black handbag. It had reading glasses, supplements and jewellery. Also a wallet and makeup. Please message me if you find anything. Cheers.

June 6: (picture of wrecked car) This is what is left of the Triton that was taken from Brightwater and found on a track on the Spooners today. It was not part of the joyrider’s stealing spree but seems to have been stolen especially for the parts. The thief was connected to a blue MU that was seen in the area just prior to the theft and anyone knowing anything about this vehicle could get in touch.

June 5: Another stolen vehicle. White holden rodeo ute with a red stripe round it. ZU6701 stolen from South Street over night.

June 4: A Toyota was stolen last night from Cable Bay Rd and was dumped behind the Hira store along with another vehicle stolen the previous night from Richmond, when spotted by the police. 5 thieves have led led our constabulary on a merry chase all night. I listened up to 2am and picked up again at 8. Please people lock your cars. The Toyota had the keys in it. There were about 5 vehicles pinched the night before from Richmond vicinity and at least one recovered from takaka. Get creative. Alarms. Noisy booby traps. These people have to be stopped.

June 3: Please share. STOLEN from our yard in brightwater last night. 2004 Mitsubishi Triton DC ute reg number BYF210

May 29: (Picture of wrecked car in a field) Anyone know anything about this? It is up Marsden valley.

May 21: (picture of burned out car) found this in mahana has to ov been stolen! anyone knws whos it is its a turbo altezza

May 16: Theft from a car on Grove Street.

May 7: Stolen car set on fire.

May 5:  Dont park your car in tahuna sme1 has stabed at least 10 tyres on cars on muratai st tahuna school area all done this morning i run state roadside and have changed a few today might b worth putting a post up?

April 22: Stolen caravan Avondale Harrier rego L179Q. Believed to be towed away by two men in a Maroon 4×4  Stolen today (Pic similar but not the exact one)

April 17: Must be a quiet day in Nelson today. A fight on the street in Vanguard St has managed to attract 5 police cars. If you have seen the melee don’t worry too much. Don’t think anyone is in too much trouble just was close to town and plenty of staff around to attend.

April 3: mazda cosmo was stolen from behind gourdie automotive/challenge garage sometime between 5pm and 8pm last night along with a flatscreen tv and two xbox 360s

March 9: Three people robbed Rattle n Hum of their whole till tonight and did a runner. Ditched the till at the park by the Riverside Pool. Police are looking to catch up with them for a chat about that.

March 7: Cops were just chasing a speeder up the Washington Hill til it turned out to be someone they were looking for. He crashed his car and has done a runner. The big rush now is them trying to find him.

March 6: Japanese traveller has his bag packs stolen.

March 6: Stolen laptop, award for its recovery.

Feb 21: Seems Hondas do need gravel to do burn outs. They will lose their cars for doing it at saxtons tonight if they don’t move it out of there right now. Oops. Too late. Snapped.

Feb 14: Stolen car. ZA3432. 93 grey GTS Skyline. Green stickered. Stolen overnight from Golf road.

Feb 9: STOLEN from the Brook overnight – between 3-4am. Red 95 Subaru Impreza TH1065. Eyes out everyone.

Jan 17: Stolen vehicle alert. Blue 2005 XR6 ford falcon ute. Reg DBM957 stolen from aniseed valley some time after 7pm tonight.

Jan 16: Cars have been damaged overnight at Ford on Haven Road and Mazda across the road on the corner of Vickerman St. Cameras have picked up the offenders and they are being spoken to now.

Jan 9: A car on fire under the Appleby Bridge. The scrub is on fire too. Will likely turn out to be another car stolen and ditched.

Jan 6: Man arrested following Moteuka shooting.

Jan 3: Please be safe if you are out in town tonight as there is a male out and about trying to force females in to dark places. Last known location was by countdown/warehouse carpark. Description 5 ft 8 slim build and wearing blue jeans. He has tried to drag a female into Anzac park.

Dec 31:Help get my car back, 4age turbo ke30 stolen last night, rego is FGL655 please help ge ut back!!! Stolen from Rangiora overnight.

In an interview with the Nelson Mail the page’s owner says

“she’s solved the case of the white Toyota Altezza that was stolen from a petrol station on Monday night. She broke the news on Facebook an hour after it happened. “We know who did it,” she says. She loads up a photo of a guy and says, “Recognise the blue hoodie?”  It looks similar to the one the car thief was wearing when he was caught on CCTV camera. “He’s just got out of prison, too, for car conversion.” She’s sure the guy in the photo is the guy who stole the car and can’t understand why police haven’t arrested him (read the news report about the theft).

Her first post, on August 20, 2013, was about a burglar being caught on a roof.  The page expanded and she started sharing funny and peculiar incidents, like the guy who was escorted from a women’s clothing store by police after trying on dresses and making staff uncomfortable, or the “old guy” on a mobility scooter who was driving along the road on Whakatu Drive…subscribe to the page here

Sounds like the overstretched and underfunded police could do with all the help they can get.

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8 thoughts on “Irish Female Tourist Stabbed While Jogging on Tahunanui Beach, Nelson

  1. Nelson is full of scum and way overrated.

    Horrible society because there is no middle ground. Either the rich there are trying to screw you over for a dollar and say “it’s just business” or you are getting your possessions stolen by desperate people or those on drugs.

    Add this to the now rampant freedom campers who decide to ‘relieve ‘ themselves everywhere and it really is a dump.

    I remember when it used to be a nice place. Oh well. Any place in Australia would leave it for dust.

  2. Waiting for the later writeup that says
    “It was an unfortunate incident, but it won’t change her views on New Zealand and she would like to visit the country again!”

    Oh whoops, E2NZ you beat me to it … 🙂

  3. I recently read on another site that between years 2000 and 2016 that 3500 tourists. foreign workers, student visa holders etc have died in NZ.
    This is 7 times more than Australia, even though Australia’s population in 5 times greater. So per capita NZ deaths are 35 times greater than AU deaths!
    I was dumbfounded by this statistic, can anyone confirm that this is correct?

    I realize we have adventure tourism and a plethora of extreme sport activities, and Aussies come here to climb mountains and ski, but 35 times more deaths is appalling, if this is true.

    • That does seem a lot but it does seem like I read nearly every day of a tourist getting killed. I come from the UK and think that NZ roads require a much more advanced skill level than I had when I arrived. I had never encountered a situation before coming here of having to do a high speed overtaking manoeuvre. I can see why accidents happen. The Christchurch earthquake took the lives of quite a number of overseas people perhaps over 100? By way of comparison I read recently I think 3 British tourists die each day in Spain so that is a 1,000 a year from the UK alone in that Country, so maybe a 200 a year in NZ is about right.

    • My parents lived there for a good 7-10 years. Wakefiled and some other place. Snobby, uppity shithole and i nthe middle of nowhere. They also lived just up the road from Takaha in a place called Motupipi. (Golden Bay.)

      Boring as fuck place.

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