Women, Children Continue to be Victims in Violent, Thuggish New Zealand. NZ Crims Continue to Offend


New Zealand immigration’s web page paints a picture of New Zealand some may find disingenuous.

Women and children continue to be the victims of violence in New Zealand a country that, despite its marketing image as a safe place to live, is a place with a dark reputation for its culture of brutality.

What immigration sites won’t dare tell you is that New Zealand tops the OECD domestic violence league table,  has a high prevalence of child abuse and youth suicide, and its children suffer some of the highest rates of preventable deaths in the developed world. Add to that poor quality housing and low wages and you’ll soon realise that pretty much the only thing New Zealand has going for it is its scenery.

Recent crime stories that managed to make their way into the news media this week include

  •  The 4 hour long, brutal, sexual assault of an 11 year old boy who was abducted off a street in Ranui, West Auckland. The boy was walking home from the train station when he was abducted by a man in a grey van. The attack follows the similar abduction of a 5 year old girl in Palmerston North in February.
  • A woman who was beaten, gagged, dragged and tied up by two men who stormed into her Manurewa home. The men held a knife to her throat while demanding she gave them her jewellery. The woman’s nationality is being withheld by authorities but it is suspected she is from an Asian country – a diverse group of people perceived to be wealthy by many New Zealanders. The woman, who was deeply traumatised by her ordeal,  is recovering from her injuries in hospital.
  • A young woman bashed brutally by thugs at Auckland’s Ranui train station last Sunday. An Auckland Transport security officer witnessed the assault but didn’t intervene because it “wasn’t his job to get involved.” A video of the assault was posted to Facebook.
  • A woman was assaulted at the Bason Botanical Gardens in Whanganui, leading to the closure of the park while police investigated. The offender is still at large.
  • A woman was killed in Opotiki in the Bay of Plenty overnight. A 35 year old man is to be charged with her murder.
  • An Australian tourist suffered burns to her eyes and face after a hot liquid was thrown at her in a racist attack in Queenstown.

Meanwhile, we learn that just over one in three offenders in New Zealand is taking the drug Ice, or crystal meth. The good news is that the use of cannabis and alcohol is falling.

Lack of support’ for offenders returned from Australia

In other news,  Kiwis thrown out of Australia for criminal offences continue to pour back in to New Zealand. The offenders are supposed to be subject to a parole-like monitoring scheme when they arrive in New Zealand. But there have been criticisms of a lack of support for the ex crims.

Almost 370 offenders have been repatriated to New Zealand from Australia in the 11 months to October, 79 of them have gone on to re-offend in New Zealand and are now facing criminal charges. It is not known how many others have been let off with cautions.

The NZ Herald reported little is expected to change, there are yet more prisoners in the pipeline for repatriation:

The flow of deportees is set to continue, with the latest data from Australia Border Force showing there were 177 New Zealanders held in Detention Centres.

PARS, the prisoners aid and rehabilitation organisation, is helping deportees resettle in New Zealand. Jeremy Baker – a Christchurch doctor who worked with PARS – said he was unsurprised by the offending rate, because the deportees were finding it difficult to get support.

“I know, from the people I am seeing, that they are still living in tents, without adequate access to either work or community support, and a number of them have said to me ‘I don’t know what else to do’. They’re not specifically telling me they are going to re-offend, but a 20 percent rate is an unfortunate spin-off of that lack of support.”

This is just an average week in New Zealand, a country that is obviously not as safe as it’s marketing makes it out to be.

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8 thoughts on “Women, Children Continue to be Victims in Violent, Thuggish New Zealand. NZ Crims Continue to Offend

  1. That reminds me.

    In Turkey the murder rate of women increased by 1,400 percent between 2002 and 2009, the last date for which data is available.
    Linky here from VOA news 2011 so new stats may be higher:http://www.voanews.com/a/turkeys-murder-rate-of-women-skyrockets-117093538/170517.html

    Not taking away from NZ shocking OECD figures re violence and death women and children, but people need to be aware of the male suppression of women that is occurring in Turkey.

  2. Mcleodkiwi, that Store employee must had a schitzoid personality disorder LOL. Half of the inhabitans of this Pasteurized Rock is on medication because of mental problems. If you go to the dr. you have to give him/her Mental Support first for living in a dump, so yes what you experience makes sense. Nevertheless a bad experience.
    Johnny Ray, telling somebody your opinion in Nz is not something you can do. Who knows who hears about it ;).
    A timid, depressed and ashamed personality is more common here. Off course the frustration of life in Nz is still there and seeks a way out, so letting themselves go at home is the way it goes in Nz.

  3. I got the ADHD.

    All my life I have felt unsafe here in NZ, moreso recently, and I have learnt to keep a healthy distance from many/most types of people. Even the state is quite hostile toward us ADHDers. Autistics have it even worse. But its not just NZ in this regard.

    Many spree shooters and school shooters in the US have autism spectrum disorders.
    They feel aggrieved for being bullied, and teachers doing nothing about it, except enabling the bullies to be bigger bullies, so they take their dads gun to school and open fire on those who have bullied them the most.

    I am only now lucky to be combative in my persona, so usually don’t bottle up stuff, but deal with it then and there. I stand my ground, but only if it is safe to do so. IE other people around, public place, talk reasonably without showing directed anger. Many people I will not engage in this way, if I feel its a no win situation, they are goons or bureaucrats.

    Unfortunately for women and children, they are much more vulnerable than I, and like immigrants have been sold a lie, and fall foul of their expectations of kiwi males.

    The best defense is a good offence, and showing discrimination of company. For women and children, having no man about the house, is probably a wise move, and a latent wariness of males, is probably a good survival behaviour.

    Scare-di-cats get to live, while friendly cats may die at the hands of bigger others.

    I developed an avoidant disorder because of NZ.
    But I feel okay about it, especially since I’ve been reading E2NZ….

    So many women live without men in their lives, especially in NZ.

    At least we ain’t honor killing women and gang raping them like some other countries, or making them cover up so they dont get raped for showing some skin or leg.
    Donny wants to grab you by the puss, The Punisher stares at your breasts and smiles about it while you interview him, Hillary cops unfair sexist jokes like Helen and Margaret.

    Here we are in 2016 and what has changed for women and children? Bugger all. Men can be assholes.

    But what sort of assholes and exactly how much of an asshole, is how we define many nations, how big an asshole the males are over there!

    • Sorry you feel that way Garance but I can totally relate to what you are saying. Being an American and coming from country where everybody is naturally friendly to one another, it’s only here in New Zealand with it’s self absorbed culture of hostility and brutality that same attitude here is seen as a weakness. You really are treated like prick by people here if they think they can take advantage of you, that’s why as much as it goes against everything I am as person, I’ve learnt not to be so open when dealing with people in New Zealand. It just what they are like here. Don’t show any emotion, don’t show any expression, don’t admit to having any personality. It’s these Upper Class attitudes they adopted from England that you see on display here. That people must always remain above themee station if they want to be seen as being better than their peers. I hate to say it but this place is practically Victorian, so it no wonder it’s turn into such an Anthony Trollope, Dickensian nightmare now … 😦

      • Wise words Johnny Ray, thanks for the good advice.

        I hate having to be guarded too, but its better than being too open around people with poor character.

      • I have to admit I sometimes have a perverse desire to wind some Kiwis up, so being wide open rattles their prissy selves which can be fun sometimes…… bit like the Scots dropping their kilts before a battle.
        Its sort of a good cop thing too…..
        It also allows me to signal to and meet other open people, who reciprocate in kind.

        The downside is the psychic fallout from aggressive Kiwis reacting to a friendly person, but sometimes that can be transmuted or bounced back, chi gung styles…. [avoid gorillas though]

        What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

        Usually the only really friendly and open people I meet in NZ are tourists and immigrants, and kids. In the water when surfing some kiwis come right, must be the sea water….

        My last serious Kiwi girlfriend was open, but turned out to be a consummate liar, thief, gold digger, drugger, sexually very active with everyone and a very dishonest woman. For her, being open was a way to get inside others minds for sexual and monetary gain and evil intent too.

        Beware the open Kiwi!

  4. I don’t understand ,on labour day I was building a new deck on my house and decided to have a beer ,I drank two beers and my roommate who is also a builder drank two beers ,we decided to buy more ,I went to the local liquor store and apparently the employee called the police and said she smelled alcohol on my breath,5 police cars came to my house ,I gave a volunteery breath test which was under the limit and the ten police officers then left my house after making it look like the scene of a mass murder,I’m sure the horrible cu..t at the liquor store got her jollies calling the ignorant retarded police who are probably her husband cousin and brother ,anyway I guess that while all this was happening some typical “kiwis” were raping young boys and smoking methamphetamine I’m just happy the police force took the time to come to my house for a smell of alcohol on my breath at a store which sells alcohol

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