Malaysian Woman Seriously Injured in Carjacking, Desperate Times Breed Desperate People


Police have released an edited video of the carjackers

A Malaysian woman in her late 60s was yesterday dragged from her car, beaten severely and left for dead on the road. When Nancy Voon tried to run away her attackers chased and assaulted her, before driving away with her car.


Nancy Voon is another victim of NZ’s crime epidemic

Mrs Voon was was dragged from her seat and tried to run away. She was struck multiple times in the head with an object, and was then kicked in the head as she fell to the ground. At this stage police said they are not releasing footage showing the violent assault, no doubt they’re cautious not to shock due to the international attention this incident will attract.

The truth of the matter is that New Zealand is beset by a crime epidemic, caused by a perfect storm of an under-resourced police force and widespread poverty due in large measure by out-of-control property prices. Around 300,000 children live in poverty in New Zealand.

The housing bubble is largely due to the government failing to reign in overseas property investment and build more housing, leading to Auckland becoming the world’s most expensive city. Thousands of people are officially homeless, many of them live in cars -the lucky ones may have a damp garage to raise their kids in.

Add to that the perception among New Zealanders that people of an Asian appearance are wealthy, and that fact that most migrants now come from China and India, and you’ll understand why some ethnic groups are a bigger focus for desperate criminals than others, particularly in Auckland.

The victim’s son Chee Phua, 33, believed his mother was targeted because she was small, in her 60s and Asian.

Nancy Voon, 65, was attacked while waiting for her son outside the Panmure YMCA around midday today.

Phua said two teen girls allegedly dragged his mum out of the car and viciously beat her up before driving off with her car and all her belongings. Voon was taken to Auckland City Hospital Emergency Department unconscious with concussion, broken teeth, a fractured nose and bruising around the face and body.

“They left her there to die. There was blood everywhere. All her clothes and the hospital sheets were all bloody.”

Police said two teen girls are suspected of carrying out the attack and stealing the woman’s grey 2010 Toyota Corolla.

Phua said his mum woke up crying around 6pm tonight and was having continuous panic attacks and vomiting before she was sedated.

A while ago we wrote of how the Sensible Sentencing Trust had expressed their outrage about the rise in carjackings in New Zealand. Yesterday’s attack shows how vulnerable people are and what an easy target they present.

If you’re intending to drive a motor vehicle in New Zealand our advice is to get one with automatic locking doors. And stay away from high poverty areas. Also, not being female or Asian helps.

In other news

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Auckland’s North Shore city, a densely populated and relatively wealthy area popular with immigrants, is known to be territory for a number of gangs and drug syndicates. However, police are always keen to play down their activities.

8 thoughts on “Malaysian Woman Seriously Injured in Carjacking, Desperate Times Breed Desperate People

  1. Looks as though NZ is going the same way as many countries , higher crime rate , poverty , excessive immigration and a lack of government investment and control . And its such a beautiful country , being spoilt by incompetent or money minded politicians , lack of drug control , and real investment .

  2. I had tears in my eyes as I read about Mrs Voon waking up in hospital to panic attacks and vomiting and having to be sedated. This is an innocent frail lady in her sixties, ehat has NZ come to?

    Fellow raders are probably feeling the same and many are no doubt scratching their heads wondwring what on Earth possesses two teenage girls to beat an elderly lady within an inch of her life and leave her to die? Poverty is not the full answer. They could have taken the car without beating the lady to a pulp. It sounds as if he didn’t/couldn’t put up much resistance.

    Anger is probably part of it but I’ll tell you what else is probably behind it and some “politically correct” people may not want to hear it. Take it from me as an ex cop who has investigated plenty of offences like these. The missing factor from this aeticle is illegal drug use.

    There is an epidemic of crystalline methamphetamine use in NZ and “P” or “ice” or whatever you want to call it is well known to result in brutal, violent, animalistic behaviour of the type described.

    There is no excuse for committing this type of horrendous crime but there is an explanation for why crimes like this are getting more and more violent and callois and it has a lot to do with the scourge of highly addictive mind altering illegal drugs. If you are “soft” and permissibe on illegal drugs and make light of it as a “lifestyle choice” then this is the kind of society you end up with when addicts lose their minds. Legalising the poison is not the answer because the violent uncontrollable behaviour is a result of the action of the drug itself and not a function of the legal status of the drug.

    I wish Mrs Voon a speedy recovery.

    • Most people have absolutely no clue about the effects of methamphetamine on human behaviour ,all the usual rules of society go out the window when meth is involved ,this drug is now ingrained in N.Z society ,it’s ruining lives and communities everywhere in N.Z .

  3. The law is too soft on these sadistic creatures as they know the Youth Court can do nothing to them, so they continue these violence against the old and vulnerable. They should be tried as adults like in the USA for such evil acts.

  4. I hate it when people try to justify crimes like this saying things like “this is what happens when youths are suffering from poverty and become desperate” well not every poor person decides to beat up innocent people and rob them. It’s a choice. And those horrible useless criminals need to be punished.

  5. Cowardly wankers. Hope someone ‘smashes’ them over one day and leaves them in a pool of their own blood. I know full well these scum bags will get away with it.

    Hope Mrs/Miss Voon has a speedy recovery and I wish her all the best.

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