Journalists Issued With Gag Order as Prime Minister’s Son Becomes Radio DJ. And Nurse Butler Could Lose her Job

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NZ media issues gagging order, only positivism is permitted.

Negativity won’t be tolerated

Staff at a New Zealand radio station have been issued with a gagging order prior to Prime Minister John Key’s son taking up a night time slot at George FM.

In the contents of a leaked email, staff are threatened with dismissal if they make negative comments about George FM’s new night time residents. Furthermore, they’ve been told to drink the Kool-Aid and keep their comments positive.

We see this as just another erosion of press freedom in New Zealand and an example of the stranglehold the current administration has on the media. One has to question whether other media outlets are also under similar instruction.

Kudos to the person who leaked the email. Let’s hope that he or she doesn’t now get a hagerraided as a reward.

MediaWorks got government bail out

George FM’s parent company, MediaWorks, was was recently the recipient of a controversial government bail out

In 2011, MediaWorks received a $43 million loan guarantee for the Government to renew its licenses until 2030.The deal went against official advice, and then Communications Minister Steven Joyce was accused of having a conflict of interest as the past managing director of the company’s RadioWorks division and was criticised by blogger Sarah Miles as a case of Government interference in the media . The loan was described by AUT‘s Centre for Journalism, Media and Democracy as a form of corporate welfare… after being placed in receivership,  on the 29 April 2015, Oaktree Capital Management took a 77.8% controlling interest in the business.

US company Oaktree Capital Management is headed by managing director, New Zealander Jeanine Thomson. Prior to working for the company she was with John Key’s old bank Merril Lynch. MediaWorks operates playout services from Auckland and Wellington studios via Kordia‘s microwave network for 3 News, TV3, and FOUR, ten national radio brands, eighteen websites and three locally operated radio stations. (source Wikipedia).


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Josie Butler, the nurse who threw a dildo at National Party’s Steven Joyce (in protest at the TPPA putting patients’ health at risk) could lose her job. She told media

“We already have over 300,000 children living below the poverty line, I don’t want to live in a country where families have to choose between potentially life saving medication or feeding their children because of the increased price of medications under the TPPA.”…

She said she was overwhelmed by the “amazing” support she had received from around the world.  It emerged Butler was one of the life-saving nurses on the front line of the Christchurch earthquakes. Butler was given a Christchurch Earthquake Award in 2012 in recognition of acts of kindness, service and heroism.

The list of award recipients stated that Josie Marie Butler provided lifesaving CPR and first aid to the injured on Colombo St.

Migrant tales – the NZ media “needs to keep the government and the advertisers happy in that order (28 Nov 2012):

There is a far darker side to the media here that not many know. I have one good journo friend that was working for (name of NI newspaper redacted) who put it so perfectly as follows.

“It’s not that we don’t know it’s all going on, we desperately want to report on it. God knows we got into journalism to tell the truth, but the reality is far more depressing. I can tell you that myself and my colleagues have been informed in not so polite a way, “Report on that and you are out of a job, we need to keep the government and our advertisers happy in that order”.

It runs from the back door dealings of what the TPP really means, to National threatening to pull all advertising from (name of NI newspaper redacted) during the last election, to things simply disappearing from all news sources in a ghostly fashion (When you see this happen on google it is scary stuff).

So in essence it is a case of report all is well, keep the advertisers happy, keep the government spin machine running, make stories from nothing as if they have grave national importance and maintain the lie. Truth was a casualty of all journalism when it comes to the almighty dollar, it’s just far more obvious here.

But if you want any further proof I ask you this: Kim dotcom piece run by (redacted) to remove public opinion of him was completely biased and one sided. Then came David Bane (note that this is at the time of the payout). If you want further proof just watch those type of programs and ask yourself WTF? or don’t your brain may thank you.”



11 thoughts on “Journalists Issued With Gag Order as Prime Minister’s Son Becomes Radio DJ. And Nurse Butler Could Lose her Job

  1. Nurse Butler is now an international celebrity and with good reason,I’m sure that if the hospital she works at is stupid enough to fire her she can get a job anywhere ,most countries have politicians who are just waiting to have dildos thrown in their faces,Nurse Butler has excellent aim and a winning remorseless smile,I’m sure she will have an agent soon.

  2. I got quite a few comments deleted on the MSN news article for no real reason.
    I find the use of the term PC interesting. The way people use it, basically gets thrown around at anyone who disagrees. It also seems to be a good way for racists to justify being so.

  3. Yes the media is controlled ,the public are generally dumb and in my view are getting just rewards for their apathy ,I’m sure nurse Butler would not have been fired or threatened to be fired if she got into a punch up at a weekend sports event,you gotta ask yourself,what the hell has her making a political statement by throwing a soft toy at a politician got to do with her employer or employment .

  4. Simple answer, set up your own online newspaper like I have and report what you want! Even set up podcasts or an online radio station as well. It’s no shock to me that Kiwi journo’s must report as ordered, to keep New Zealands nanny state, and the rich happy. I have tried to buck this trend for two decades until finally starting out on my own. That’s what a truly free press needs these days. Sad but true…

    • There is a free newspaper site called Go there and it will immediately give you the opportunity to start your own paper for free. There is a paid (Pro) version but most won’t need this. If you want to be able to enter your own stories and ads you will need the pro version but start with the free one. Here is the help section.

      The other free, and probably the easiest is the Flipboard magazine creator. Excellent and by far the easiest way to rapidly distribute online newspaper articles from almost anywhere that I have seen. Goto and follow the very simple instructions.

    • The problem with this is that a free media is a cornerstone of democracy; individuals have a basic right to know what is happening in their country, and it is the duty of the press to report it. Take away freedom of the press, and what they report ceases to be news and becomes propaganda (one of the hallmarks of a totalitarian regime, the other two being surveillance of the population and a blurring of the lines between military and police).

      Then again, New Zealand hasn’t been a democracy for many years as shown by numerous instances of changes being brought in that the population made very clear that they did not want. Some recent examples being: the TPPA, the flag referendum, the GCSB, and the Anti-Smacking laws.

      • It all started with the International Finance Agreements Act 1961, which basically renders this little hillbilly piece of two islands as a farce democracy and a proxy kingdom to the real owners of the world who extend their kingdom though institutionalised banking cartels such as the IMF, Asian Bank, International Development Fund and with many other such funky names.

        Funnily enough, most of the sheeple here are clueless. This is a true Orwellian nation, with a rotten culture and dumbed down population.

        Anyone interested can have a read here

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