Round-Up of #TPPA Protest In New Zealand 4 February 2016

Police struggling with peaceful protesters at today's TPPA signing in Auckland

Police struggling with peaceful protesters at today’s TPPA signing in Auckland

“This is what democracy looks like” now on the march: now chanting “John Key fuck you we deserve a future too


14 thoughts on “Round-Up of #TPPA Protest In New Zealand 4 February 2016

  1. Did anyone else not find it obvious RE the timing of the Auckland bus strikes on TPP signing day.

    09:00 – 12:00. They think we are were all born yesterday


  2. Democracy at work ,your right to a peaceful protest ? Sure if you don’t mind facing off with 1000 police officers and having your photo taken to be added to the GCSB data base and shared around the world with other govt. agencies.Good luck going through airport security next time.


  3. Can someone post the photo from the Herald ,shows a crazy policewoman grabbing the throat of a defenceless young man,she’s choking him ,his arms are interlocked with other protestors and he represents zero threat,looks as though the crazy police officer actually had to lean forward to incite violence.


        • Nicky Hager and Eleanor Catton have something to add to that. For more read

          Catton said:

          “…The New Zealand mainstream media, though quick to flare up over a condensed record of remarks made last week in Jaipur, are in general altogether behind the ball: I’ve been speaking freely to foreign journalists ever since I was first published overseas, and have criticised the Key government, neo-liberal values, and our culture of anti-intellectualism many times. One reason why my remarks have not have been noticed in New Zealand until now may be that in most modern democracies a writer expressing an opinion is not considered, in itself, shocking. The truly shocking thing would be the writer who only spoke in praise of her country; who was unequivocal in gratitude and platitude; who swore fealty to her government, rather than to deep-felt values or ideals; who regarded arts funding as hush money and a part-time teaching position as an intellectual gag. I hope that that author does not exist today; but if she does, she is the one who should make the news.

          In future interviews with foreign media, I will of course discuss the inflammatory, vicious, and patronising things that have been broadcast and published in New Zealand this week. I will of course discuss the frightening swiftness with which the powerful Right move to discredit and silence those who question them, and the culture of fear and hysteria that prevails. But I will hope for better, and demand it.


    • MY GOODNESS. Glad nobody got killed like it did in The Netherlands last year…or like everybody knows in The States. Be safe ya’ll !


  4. WOW I’m impressed New Zealand. Perhaps this is the moment what everybody has been waiting for all those years ?! IT’S A REVOLUTION AND TIME TO TAKE ACTION . I do hope it works out for all kiwi’s you really deserve a better quality of life. Don’t even start about the government…


    • The TPPA has to be ratified yet which could take up to two years. In the meantime, Mr Key has got to get through at least one Waitangi Day ‘celebration’. After seeing the strength og today’s protests he seems to be looking for any excuse to back out, calling the organisation at Te Tii Marae “mickey mouse


      • haha yeah he needs to back of one day anyway.. but he will go after the money for sure. It doesn’t seem to me he cares for the people much here.. Do you think it would do NZ anything good ?


        • Nothing will change in N.Z ,the protestors will be labeled as benefit bludging hippies ,everything will remain status quo,the TPPA will also waste millions of tax payer dollars and will never go anywhere .


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