John Key Withdraws from #Waitangi Celebrations After #TPPA Protests

After a larger than expected protest at today’s TPPA signing John Key has just announced he has withdrawn from Waitangi Day celebrations. Maybe, in retrospect, today wasn’t such a good day to be signing something as contentious as the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

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5 thoughts on “John Key Withdraws from #Waitangi Celebrations After #TPPA Protests

  1. In this bizarre country, the vast majority of Pakeha actually are backing up this decision by the prime minister. The maori bashing is so prevalent here that they will give up their sovereignty to corporates, for proving their point. I personally think that these fools deserve this, because such morons they are in this make believe country.

  2. Sorry Tim I meant to say you have read the sixteen thousand documents regarding the TPPA unfortunately I missed out a zero and said you had read the 1600 pages of the TPPA of course to read and understand 1600 pages would be more than most people could do in a lifetime however we are nottalking about pages ,I missed the zero ,these are not pages they are submisissions ,not one thousand six hundred but one hundred and sixty thousand ….Ha may be a billion ,it’s all very funny anyway and will never happen.

  3. frankly, having read the full summary documents of the TTP, which have been online to down load or read for ver 2 months now, I think some of these people could have saved themselves a lot of time and effort by reading them.
    I have found nothing to support any of the majority of claims that are being made by those opposed.
    I think they have spent to much time listening to people with axes to grind politically and not enough doing some simple basic reading them selves.
    Sadly sums up the sheep like mentality of the nation.

    • You are a good man ,The right Honourable John Key himself today told the public of N.Z and every other Pacifiic partner that there were 16000 documents involved ,you are my hero apparently you have access to and have read all 1600 documents pertaining to the TPPA ,congratulations .

    • Admin,

      Farmers in Australia and NZ receive far less government subsidies and protection than the US or Europe, so I’m also rather sceptical that any genuine free trade agreement would be signed with the US, given the power of the US farm lobby, NZ would probably be fleeced. Most of the “agreements” are really attempts to make global operations easier for trans nationals, and definitely not based on the free trade theory that I learned at business school. I certainly wouldn’t trust neoliberal politicians to protect the national interest.

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