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  1. Kiwis love to say how bad things are everywhere else,part of what makes it so unnaturally strange to live here is the Kiwis absolute denial in regards to the problems which exist here.The ability to change and begin to make things better requires that first one admits that there is a problem.I had a Kiwi tell me that all Americans were overweight and loud,actually that’s a good description of the average kiwi ,the loudness of course comes after drinking.N.Z has a massive problem with obesity and seems unwilling to do a thing about it.

    • Before moving to NZ people are forced to undergo strict health check and one of the parameters is BMI. We went through such a hard time (for 8-9 months) to get through this criteria and soon after arriving in NZ we saw the obese islanders – we were dumbfounded at their shear size. If calculated, the BMI for their neck or thighs will be more than 36 😉

      For some reason, once people arrive in NZ then they can grow as much fat (in length & breadth) as they wish.

    • Yep. I’ve heard stuff like this before like the belief that every American is a gun wielding psycho. The idiots who spout this nonsense have never met a real American or whatever race they’re ranting about.

      As long as they can point the finger at something worse they’re all good.

      I lived in the Philippines with my wife at one point, and what goes in there is terrible, but that never made me in any way more willing to accept NZ shit or brush it under the rug.

  2. Herald headline story today,Injured motorcyclist rescued by Astronaut.The story had next to no content but somebody thought it was a cute and witty story ,meanwhile here comes the great unknown TPPA and the Herald has nothing to say about it.

    • I hope it wasn’t Neil Armstrong or Yuri Gagarin :). I’m over the NZHerald print & online edition, they only publish the news which they want you to discuss.

  3. Thanks for sharing this E2NZ. I am in Russia right now doing some travelling and looking at opportunities to invest. Life has improved in Russia and the “issues” here are not as bad as the perception or at least they are priced into the cost of things, unlike New Zealand.

    I find it ironic the West and countries like New Zealand sanctimoniously attack the Russian media as propaganda outlets, yet websites like Stuff or the New Zealand Herald report frippery as if it were the news. The Kiwis that have never left Retardicon 6 undoubtedly think that they are in paradise and that the rest of the world is a dangerous, violent, and poverty stricken place.

    BTW, this story about clean and green might interest you. It looks as if bottled water from New Zealand does not meet China’s water purity standards

  4. Admin,

    The institutionalised negative reporting on Australia and other foreign countries by Herald journalists should be in a special category, “low key Xenophobic headline” really isn’t appropriate.
    Actually, John Roughan wrote one of the few realistic articles during the collective whining about the deportation of Kiwi criminals—-New Zealanders should be grateful for the privileges that Australia grants, so they should stop complaining or the Australians will close the door.

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