Thought for the day – NZ’s Dairy Pollution is Equivalent to the Population of China

nz dirty dairy

NZ’s dairy pollution is equivalent to the population of China

According to figures published by PETA UK a dairy farm with 2,500 cows produces the same amount of waste as a city of 411,000 people.

New Zealand has a population of 4 million humans (rounded down) add to that 6.5 million cows and you get the pollution equivalent of 1.07 billion people. China, with all its pollution problems has a population of 1.34 billion spread over 9.5 million km2   New Zealand’s population occupies just 268,000 Km2

Bear that information in mind when you read the following, published recently in the NZ Listener, talking about Professor Mike Joys ‘State of the NZ Environment’ report…

Mike Joy

Too high a price to pay


too high a price

Dirty Dairying costs too much


12 thoughts on “Thought for the day – NZ’s Dairy Pollution is Equivalent to the Population of China

  1. tl;dr

    • 1080 was synthesized and developed as a weapon, and is particularly effective as a water borne toxin.
    • The New Zealand government has millions of dollars invested in 1080 stockpiles, therefore there is no incentive for it to seek alternatives to 1080 for pest control
    • New Zealand is manufacturing 1080, not just the pellet but the raw material itself.
    • The ‘raw material’ was used in the 1080 in milk threat and was probably manufactured in NZ. The NZ public are probably unaware that 1080 is made in NZ.
    • New Zealand is exporting 1080 to other countries.
  2. Israel and Australia also have stock piles of 1080.
  3. Like

  4. Great comments re 1080; just wanted to let admin know there is a wee misprint in the article, stating NZ’s landmass to be 268 sq km, when it should be 268 thousand sq km 🙂 I assume the other figures were reached using the correct figure?


  5. You should mention the fact that New Zealand uses 80% of the world’s 1080 supposedly to protect native trees and birds, when in reality it’s used to stop small mammals spreading TB to dairy cattle and it kills native animals.


    • Personally, and I sincerely hope I am WRONG about this, I believe it is only a matter of time before someone is killed by 1080 poison. Unfortunately, the most likely victim if this happens, is going to be a small child.

      There have already been considerable numbers of pet deaths in areas where 1080 is used, due to it being dropped indiscriminately from hoppers, and there are many examples of tourists enjoying New Zealand’s wilderness areas, only to find themselves being pelted with lethal poison.

      For more information on 1080, see the documentary Poisoning Paradise.


      • Readers may be interested in this article from January 2010 about the dirty tricks that were used to prevent the Poisoning Paradise documentary from being shown at the AMRISTA festival…

        “Someone based in New Zealand” has been left with egg on their face after allegedly sending an email to the director of the AMRISTA Film network trying to “persuade” the festival organisers not to show the Graf brothers Poisoning Paradise documentary about the use of 1080 in NZ. Unfortunately the ruse backfired and the Graf brothers were sent a copy of it.

        Details of the attempted coup are presented on the GrafBoys weblog, from which the following extracts are taken. This is the email in which the self confessed “very disturbed” author managed to do his/her own “dredging up”: an old, spent conviction of one of the brothers: (note: words in italics within the emails are our comments)

        Subject: Poisoning Paradise is propaganda

        Dear Director

        I was very disturbed to read recently that Poisoning Paradise, a film by Clyde and Steve Graf of New Zealand , is to be shown at your festival. I am concerned that audiences unfamiliar with the issue in New Zealand would not recognise this film for what it is – a blatantly biased piece of propaganda paid for by the deer hunting lobby.

        The film (it would be very wrong to call this a documentary) is also made by deer hunters, one of whom has been convicted of armed robbery. The very few so-called ‘experts’ that the brothers dredge up have no scientific standing in New Zealand . The ‘research’ is not peer reviewed and goes against all other scientific research in New Zealand (see the first link below).

        Despite all their efforts, and financial backing, none of the television networks (public and private) in New Zealand have agreed to screen it for the reasons listed above. (ed. now why is that?) I believe that screening this rubbish would only lend credibility to these characters, and would reflect very badly on what looks like a fine festival that you run. (ed. toadying, an adult is writing this?)

        1080 is actually a critical tool in the battle to protect New Zealand ’s beloved native flora and fauna from introduced pests, and one that we cannot do without.

        I have posted some links below that may be of interest and there is plenty more material that can be found.

        I would appreciate it if you let me know what you decide to do on this matter.

        Kind regards

        Rxxxxxx Cxxxxxx”

        (links are displayed on the Grafboys blog)

        Fortunately the recipient of this miserable missive recognised it for what it was and stuck to their decision to show the film. They also allegedly copied the Grafs into their response:

        “Attention: Rxxxxx Cxxxxxx. (Name removed to protect identity of writer)

        Our decision to screen this documentary film within the AMRITSA Film Festival network has been made and will NOT be reversed.

        AMRITSA Film Festivals are dedicated to and based upon the right of the free expression of opinion. (ed. so he noticed that the film wasn’t shown on TV networks in NZ?)

        This ‘right’ is one which we will hold to fast and maintain in the interest of debate.

        Should YOU and or YOUR organisation (ed. does this mean ‘R C’ was writing on behalf of an employer in an official capacity?) wish to present an alternative point of view to that contained within ‘Poisoning Paradise’ then we suggest you submit a ‘film’ and it would be considered for screening.

        Thanks for writing



    • Eleanor – Yes NZ uses 80% of the world’s production of pure 1080. That is still only on average 2-3 tonnes per year…[Deleted, this is a Kool-Aid free zone. Admin].


      • Sorry readers, this is going to be a long one but stick with it if you want to know the truth about 1080 use in New Zealand…

        Fluoro-acetate, is toxic to all aerobic (oxygen breathing) organisms and highly toxic to mammals and insects. The oral dose of fluoro-acetate sufficient to be lethal in humans is 2–10 mg/kg. The artificially synthesised, concentrated & manufactured toxin was born of War to silently kill humans in their thousands by secreting it into their drinking water. There remains the sinister question of, why does the USA still permit the manufacture by the Tonne of this toxin by a sole operator in a small blue shed in the backwoods of Alabama when they have banned domestic use in their own country? Why is Australia and New Zealand still being encouraged by the USA to import and use it? Are we keeping it’s only manufacture and synthesis plant operational for a reason? What potential use may the US Government have for this chemical? Perhaps it’s original intended use at sometime in the future? Acutely toxic to humans, concentrated, colourless, odourless, stable, highly water soluble, delayed death. NO ANTIDOTE.. The perfect Weapon of Mass Destruction.

        source for the above link

        In March 2014 New Zealand Herald reporter Andrew Stone revealed that a NZ Government-owned business called Animal Control Products Ltd/Pestoff had stockpiled 7.67 tonnes (7,670 kg) of pure sodium fluoroacetate [Compound 1080].

        Andrew Stone wrote:

        ‘This country is the world’s biggest user of 1080. Each year we [New Zealand] use about 80 per cent of world production in relentless attacks on pests including possums – which both imperil native birds and spread TB [tuberculosis] among cattle – rats and rabbits.’ [Reference: ‘1080 to rain down on native forests’, March 1 2014 – New Zealand Herald]

        Animal Control Products Ltd in their June 2011 ‘Statement of Corporate Intent’ confirms that they are wholly-owned by the NZ Government with just two share-holders: the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Agriculture.

        ACP Ltd is New Zealand’s principle manufacturer of 1080-based products – the main NZ users are the Animal Health Board (70%) [a part of the Ministry for Primary Industries, NZ] and the Department of Conservation (30%).

        ACP Ltd has a large investment in the manufacture and sales of a range of 1080- and anti-coagulant-based products to kill unwanted vertebrates.

        The principle objective of ACP Ltd is stated as:

        ‘Purchase, manufacture and sell animal or insect poisons or other preparations or products to both public & private sector clients. Activities and products will be for internal New Zealand use and for export.’

        ACP Ltd’s ‘Statement of Corporate Intent’ – June 2011 states:

        1080 stock reserve – ‘The target for 1080 buffer stock is approximately 4 year’s national usage.’

        The company holds reserves of 1080 stocks “in the national interests” and exceeding normal commercial requirements. At this time [June 2011] a potential [financial loss] could occur should severe restrictions be imposed on future 1080 use and the 1080 stocks become valueless.’

        This statement was referring to any subsequent restrictions imposed by a regulator – the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) – on 1080 use in New Zealand.

        The Company’s June 2011 statement includes:

        ‘Given ACP’s reliance on 1080-based products, any materially adverse impacts which may arise from the implementation of ERMA’s recommendation could present severe implications for the company and the industry in general.’

        In other words, the continued use of 1080 in New Zealand is more about protecting financial investments than animal control.

        Now roll forward to another report in the NZ Herald by Andrew Stone 12 months ago (March 2014):

        ’The company [Animal Control Products Ltd based in Wanganui], which did not return calls, said in its 2013 annual report that it held 7.67 tonnes of 1080 powder, which would appear more than enough to meet the increased poisoning operations planned for later this year and the next few years.’

        ’DoC intends to drop some 650 tonnes of bait containing 975kg of 1080 on 500,000ha of native forest, most of it in the South Island. The targeted areas cover some of the country’s most dramatic settings – and where high-value, backcountry freshwater fishing spots can be found.’

        How astonishing! Do the math – that’s just under 200 gm of Compound 1080 per square kilometre over the aerially treated New Zealand lands and water catchments.

        Where does New Zealand’s 1080 stockpile come from?

        As far back as 2002 questions were being asked by New Zealand politicians in the NZ Beehive Parliament about the quantities of 1080 used in New Zealand.

        In a series of Parliamentary questions and answers it was revealed that ACP Ltd produced between 2 and 3 tonnes of Compound 1080 annually from 1997/98 to 2001/02.

        To put this admission into context, it has been widely assumed that the ‘sole manufacturer’ of sodium fluoroacetate was a plant called Tull Chemical Company Ltd situated in Oxford Alabama USA. The US Department of the Interior registration of 1080 as a field rodenticide was withdrawn following a 1972 Executive Order [Presidential Order] prohibiting its use on all federal lands. In 1988 the US EPA cancelled the registration and use of 1080 as a rodenticide throughout USA. Since 2001 the use of 1080 in the USA is tightly controlled, and is now restricted to use in livestock protection collars [LPCs] to protect sheep and goats from coyotes in eight western US states. Apart from New Zealand’s usage, countries like Israel and Australia are known to use or stock pile this poison. The largest number of manufacturers of 1080 [CAS No. 62-74-8] and fluoroacetic acid [CAS No. 144/144-49-0] are now located in China. According to the US Wildlife Services the amount of 1080 officially used in LPCs is down to 23 grams a year! Compare that USA figure to New Zealand’s annual manufacture and usage of 1080.

        These are astonishing admissions that are decades old!

        A few additional questions to ask are:

        How much Compound 1080 – in pure powder form – has been exported from New Zealand to other countries?

        Do Australia’s pest control authorities source its pure Compound 1080 from this substantial New Zealand stockpile?

        [ Since the Tasmanian Government decided to ban the use of 1080 in State forests (later 2005) and restricted its use for crop protection purposes, the quantity of pure 1080 used and controlled by DPIPWE annually is now less than 5 kgm. The new Liberal state government decided to rescind the phasing out of 1080 use in Tasmania after the long-running Alternatives to 1080 program failed to convince commercial farmers to accept cost-effective alternatives to 1080 poison. ]

        Source for the above link

          On the timing of the press release about the 1080 in milk powder blackmail threat

        Market Shenanigans

        In the minutes before the 3.45pm announcement, the Kiwi went from US73.40c to US72.80c but rebounded to US73.10c when the announcement came out. The New Zealand dollar was going down “as talk of a big announcement about the dairy industry – by far the country’s biggest export – spread through the financial markets”. Begging the question how come the market and currency traders knew in advance but the public did not?

        The investigation had sat for four months before being pulled out in unprecedented locked down press inquiry in which awkward questions could not be raised as the news broke. Yet those in the market place had pre-knowledge provided with information which came from either the National Party of those in Fonterra with knowledge of the investigation.

        John used 1080 to let the NZSIS start investigating criminal affairs.
        (n.b. the 1080 powder used in the threat was white, suggesting that is came from a manufacturing source – not refined from green 1080 pellets)

        On March 11th, the same day John Key broke the news of 1080 black mail before a Parliament intelligence and security committee, the head of the SIS, Rebecca Kitteridge, if the SIS could be called into help the police inquiry. To date that inquiry has focused on those involved in anti 1080 protest including Grant Graf .

        Yet none of the identified parties in fact have the required expertise needed to take 1080 pellets break them down and then extract the green dye and other additive (and for what purpose). While oddly such activist have in fact only being contacted following John Key ”eco terrorist” press conference. This is despite the police knowing of the black mailers letter over four months ago.

        Mr Olgivy maintains that this is because the police “having completed their preliminary phase” and having made the matter public were now able to start interviewing those who might help in their inquiries. Asked if this would include those not just involved in activism but also the manufacturing of 1080 Mr Olgivy responded the “police would not comment on specific details of the investigation”. Asked how could activists with no scientific expertise, required to extract the green dye and additives (including a poet) help police inquiries, repeated that “police would not comment on the specific of the investigation”.

        Follow the Money Honey (Motive Method Opportunity);

        Dr Flint believes the most likely source of the 1080 used in the crime is NZ
        That it came from a laboratory or manufacturing center here in NZ.

        He was aware that some toxicology lab did have 1080 samples and that it was manufactured in Wanaganui, Waimate and in Christchurch, where it was tightly controlled in facilities.

        Facilities where it emerged major share holders included the West Coast Regional Council who held a 49% stock in the Rolleston plant Pest Control Research NZ Ltd. Other facilities include Animal Control Products Ltd (ACP), a Crown-owned company, which manufactures more than 90 per cent of the pesticide formulations containing 1080 used in New Zealand.

        ACP has a manufacturing site in Whanganui and previously had one in Waimate.

        It would be interesting to know where exactly the letters posted to Fonterra and Federated Farmers came from but the police are not letting out “specifics” of their ‘investigation’.

        Oh Deer oh Deer Oh Deer me

        Two days after the black mail announcement was made the The Department of Conservation announced “it had put off its big 1080 drop in Makarora until later this year and might even cancel it’. They denied this had anything to do with the 1080 black mail scare.

        The cancellation of a drop in the lakes district comes just two month after the carcasses of four whitetail deer had been found in a small section of upper Wakatipu forest, also popular with visiting tourists, following a Department of Conservation (Doc) 1080 drop in the area a month ago.

        A search for dead deer was carried out across 4sq km of the Dart and Routeburn Valleys from September 18 to 21, about three weeks after Doc dropped 1080-laced pellets across about 20,000ha of the Dart, Routeburn and Caples Valleys. The search was led by Queenstown-based Lincoln University PhD student Kaylyn McBrearty, who began a study of the area’s whitetail herd earlier this year. The search area was effectively a sample, and she would extrapolate the results to assess the impact of the 1080 operation on the area’s whitetail population as a whole at a latter point.

        McBrearty had sent tissue samples to Landcare Research for toxicology testing, and hoped to make a preliminary report within a month before publishing a full report early next year.
        1080: Increasingly the evidence is the multi-billion dollar crown owned business is killing more than possums…

        If you looking for those with the method, motive and opportunity, to access 1080 in it powder form so as to make a threat of black mail to discredit 1080 activism, divert attention away from the mounting evidence high lighting the dangers of 1080, the police might be better investigating those within the industry with access to the powder in it original form. Which so far does not seem to have occurred despite the raw science making it clear this is the logical thing to be doing.

        A view which is only entrenched when previous “blackmail” threats it turns out emerged in the early 2000’s soon after DOC had to admit that 1080 in fact did endanger “some” native frogs and insects.

        All in all the allegation of eco -terrorism combined with news the SIS are to become involved, gestapo style, in domestic police investigations (as 10,000 march against the idea of profit before people), poor poll results makes John’s desire to see the culprits be labeled “eco terrorists” seems awfully coincidental.

        You can not but help think, in the face of an apparent lack of forensic methodology, this is appearing more and more like a smear job. A politically motivated witch hunt as opposed to a genuine police investigation where no on comment on who the suspect are until all the facts are actually in.

        source for the above link


        • I really wish DOC was as rich as claimed in your anti -propaganda – if the NZ birds can not get the support of animals activist – through the infiltration of members with a similar mindset as SCI trophy hunters,
          you know that animals are in deep trouble.


    • Good on you Eleanor, it’s great when a bit of sense and facts come to a debate where one side posts heaps of “facts” that few people bother to research before they themselves start to preach as the god given truth. cheers (:


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