Thought for the day – NZ’s Dairy Pollution is Equivalent to the Population of China

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NZ’s dairy pollution is equivalent to the population of China

According to figures published by PETA UK a dairy farm with 2,500 cows produces the same amount of waste as a city of 411,000 people.

New Zealand has a population of 4 million humans (rounded down) add to that 6.5 million cows and you get the pollution equivalent of 1.07 billion people. China, with all its pollution problems has a population of 1.34 billion spread over 9.5 million km2   New Zealand’s population occupies just 268,000 Km2

Bear that information in mind when you read the following, published recently in the NZ Listener, talking about Professor Mike Joys ‘State of the NZ Environment’ report…

Mike Joy

Too high a price to pay


too high a price

Dirty Dairying costs too much

8 thoughts on “Thought for the day – NZ’s Dairy Pollution is Equivalent to the Population of China

  1. Great comments re 1080; just wanted to let admin know there is a wee misprint in the article, stating NZ’s landmass to be 268 sq km, when it should be 268 thousand sq km 🙂 I assume the other figures were reached using the correct figure?

  2. You should mention the fact that New Zealand uses 80% of the world’s 1080 supposedly to protect native trees and birds, when in reality it’s used to stop small mammals spreading TB to dairy cattle and it kills native animals.

    • Personally, and I sincerely hope I am WRONG about this, I believe it is only a matter of time before someone is killed by 1080 poison. Unfortunately, the most likely victim if this happens, is going to be a small child.

      There have already been considerable numbers of pet deaths in areas where 1080 is used, due to it being dropped indiscriminately from hoppers, and there are many examples of tourists enjoying New Zealand’s wilderness areas, only to find themselves being pelted with lethal poison.

      For more information on 1080, see the documentary Poisoning Paradise.

    • Eleanor – Yes NZ uses 80% of the world’s production of pure 1080. That is still only on average 2-3 tonnes per year…[Deleted, this is a Kool-Aid free zone. Admin].

      • I really wish DOC was as rich as claimed in your anti -propaganda – if the NZ birds can not get the support of animals activist – through the infiltration of members with a similar mindset as SCI trophy hunters,
        you know that animals are in deep trouble.

    • Good on you Eleanor, it’s great when a bit of sense and facts come to a debate where one side posts heaps of “facts” that few people bother to research before they themselves start to preach as the god given truth. cheers (:

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