How to Move a Fridge, West Auckland Style

Another example of Kiwi ingenuity, or just too poor to afford a roof rack?

6 thoughts on “How to Move a Fridge, West Auckland Style

  1. I don’t think so, not in Auckland. In Auckland you pay for rent tripple the amount of what you pay for mortgage in the rest of the country.

  2. Reminds me of the famous “creative” New Zealand public service advertisements that go viral. The New Zealand papers are full of what great internationally attention-getting ads Kiwis make. Do they tackle the problem? No. Does the problem persist? Yes. Are the ads validly pointing to serious problems in their society that cause them problems? Yes. But New Zealand feels great about itself because it makes cool ads, and does no more than that. I would not insult the developmentally disabled by applying adjectives known to be applied to them, to Kiwis as a people. Lived there too long. Thank god every day I got out.

  3. Our landlord called in a tradesman who came in and gave the 1970s stove a giant kick, then calmly wrote out a bill for the service. Seriously. We had to laugh, because the three previous ones had not managed to fix it, but the kick did!

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