Migrant Tales – The Nurse’s Story

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Migrant Nurses not always welcomed in NZ

Continuing in our series of Migrant Tales – first hand accounts of the migrant experience of New Zealand.

Today’s tale was sent to us by a registered nurse who came over from Australia. The author tells of registration stuff-ups, the job being over-sold, under-staffing putting professional reputations at serious risk and how New Zealand is expensive but pretty.

I’m a registered nurse and I came to NZ a year ago from OZ, relocated because got married after a couple of years of long term relationship.

My frustrations:
Took 6-7 months to have my NZ registration + annual practicing certificated processed. I was told that there was an earthquake in Wellington (Location of nursing council) and that’s why it delayed the whole process.

When I’ve finally received my registration – incorrect spelling (name) on the registration certificate. I e-mail + called the council so many times: zero replies. Ended up sending an angry e-mail …got a reply immediately after.

Had to send that registration certificate back to the council in order to get a newly updated, correct spelling certificate. Took…them 2.5 weeks to do it.

Yes I know things are done real slow here, but isn’t this a bit too slow?

So everything said during interview turned out to be…different, completely different. There isn’t a lot of support and it’s so understaffed here that I find I’m placing my career in danger with these unsafe practices. During work orientation, everything looks good in words – verbal and in written, but in reality it doesn’t seems to be as good as gold?

Question: Is there a huge difference between the public sector and the private?

I’m sorry to say this but I honestly do misses working in Australia, at least the nurses are being looked after. Used to think how much problems there is in OZ but now I feel NZ is seriously washing my profession down the drain…

Apart from the “go back to your own country” sort of comments, any other suggestions? I like NZ, the pay is less but the views and scenery — Priceless. Yes it is expensive here compared to OZ (I’m serious), but the food qualities are actually very good and worth it’s price — we deserve a treat every now and then.

People here are nice too but I’ve had a few issues… well lots of issues with the South African Caucasians. Maybe it’s just personality clashes but seems like only them I have issues with?

Wished I had look at this thread earlier on, or even a year ago…

Thanks for all the comments peeps!

2 thoughts on “Migrant Tales – The Nurse’s Story

  1. The reason you’ve had issues with South Africans (no more colour after Mandela, remember?) is that they are equally outspoken as Australians & Brits. I’ve worked in NZ for 10 years and only Brits, Oz and SAFFAs ever say what they are thinking – and only SAFFAs can debate, Oz and Pom expats think they know everything and SAs come from huts and know zilch. Kiwis are so polite as they have been dumbed down into thinking that if you say what you mean you are impolite. Makes for nice workplaces but you never know where you stand with anyone. Kiwis used to think that anyone with UK or Oz experience could walk on water but SAFFAs had to start at the bottom and prove they knew anything. Also different workplace cultures – in SA doctors were demi-gods and nurses nothing – not so in NZ. Also pregnancies were run by gynaes, not midwives whereas in NZ midwives run the show.

    Anyway, it is fair to say that most people from 3rd world countries will tolerate the kiwi time frames to get anything done -even job interviews! – whereas most 1st world countries willl find the timeframes irritatingly slow for what is supposed to be a skilled, literate beauracracy. After all, apart from farming NZ is mostly one big civil service. But I’m not complaining – very scenic and peaceful – maybe a little too much for anyone used to an opinion.

  2. I am married to a New Zealander, she is a nurse. We spent the first 7 years of our married life working in New Zealand. From a work standpoint my wife was always overworked and the departments were almost always understaffed.
    We moved to Australia in 2010 and her working conditions are much better here. As far as I know she has not seen a trolley patient in almost three years here in QLD.
    We miss New Zealand but from a work standpoint there are many more opportunities in Australia. Everything is not perfect here but so far no regrets.

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