Violent New Zealand. Police Officer Shot in Hamilton Supermarket Carpark

Zeb McCallion. Police officer shot in Hamilton, NZ

Zeb McCallion. Police officer shot in Hamilton, NZ

Hamilton has long had a reputation as a boring town with a gang problem. But, today’s shooting of a police officer in a supermarket car park of all places, will shock many people inured to violence in New Zealand.

The NZ Herald has posted a picture of what looked like a sawn-off shotgun laying on the tarmac of the Mill Street PakN’Save.

The Herald stated that the shooting occurred after police followed a stolen vehicle into the parking area. That was linked to a police search for armed man Zeb McCallion.

About 30 police officers are at the scene, some of them armed at the entrances to the car park, and large areas of the car park are cordoned off.

Witnesses were being interviewed by police.

Shoppers with trolleys were being escorted out of the supermarket by police…

Attempted car hijacking, woman grabbed

A member of the public got caught up in the drama when the shooter tried to snatch her vehicle. She was the latest in a string of carjack victims in the small island nation.

The man tried to force a woman out of her car at the petrol bowser, but was unsuccessful.

“He had a woman by the scruff of her neck and he tried to haul her out. She had the good sense to hang onto the wheel, and not let go.”

By this time police had reached the man and Mr Strongman heard a gunshot.

The man was quickly apprehended by at least four police officers, he said.” more here

McCallion, bombs and home invasions

McCallion had previously threatened a Waikato family, stole their car and was carrying an explosive device at the time he’d invaded their home

Rangiriri man Zeb Lee Sonny McCallion, 35, is wanted by police following two incidents in the small town of Kihikihi on Sunday morning.

Police found an improvised explosive device (ed. NZ speak for home made bomb) stuffed into the pocket of his jacket, which was left on the front lawn after he broke into a house armed with a gun.

Acting Detective Inspector Mark Greene said the Defence Force’s explosive ordnance disposal team checked the device and “confirmed it was a live device with the potential to cause serious injury”… source 3News




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