New Zealand’s Rape Culture: 13 Year Old Girl Raped in an Auckland Park (Maybury Reserve)

playground at Maybury reserve

Satellite view of the playground at Maybury Reserve

New Zealand Police are investigating another sex attack on a young woman in Auckland. This time at the Maybury Reserve in Glen Innes, Auckland.

Police were alerted about that the attack occurred between 6 and 9.30pm yesterday. So far they’ve released few details, all we know is that

Police were called to Maybury Reserve about 9.30pm yesterday, Senior Sergeant Matt Rogers of Auckland police said.

“As a result police have initiated an investigation into that complaint.”

A description of the alleged offender was not yet known, as the girl was still being spoken to by police, he said.

“Parts of the park will be closed this morning for a scene investigation.”

Another report gave the young woman’s age as 13 and showed that the incident happened near a children’s playground.

Our condolences go out to her for her terrible ordeal, and our sincere hopes that the offender/s are found quickly and brought to justice.

Far from being a great place to raise kids, the high level of sexual violence in New Zealand impacts 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 8 boys under the age of 16 years. For more about the significant problems of raising children in New Zealand please see our Education and Childrens Issues facts page.




10 thoughts on “New Zealand’s Rape Culture: 13 Year Old Girl Raped in an Auckland Park (Maybury Reserve)

  1. Geezr is the disgusting manifestation of the blame the victim culture that typifies New Zealand. Only a sick person with a twisted mind would blame a woman for suffering a sexual assault.

  2. The subtext in Geezer’s message is that it’s ok to rape females dressed as adult women after dark because if they’re out alone at that time of night they’re fair game. Little girls playing dress up are asking for it. This is an excellent example of rape culture, the community protecting her attacker is another example.

    However, if he genuinely knows more about this case we’re all ears.

    • I feel very sad that someone would be sick enough to hurt this child. In my opinion, he/she seems to justify the actions of this animal, because the said child may have worn a short skirt. I thought we did not have fanatics here!

  3. @ Geezer
    “I have walked through that reserve at night time. These young girls walk around with barely little clothes now and are trying to act older than there age. I feel no pity for her at all”

    And here we have a typical representative of rape culture in NZ, expressing their nasty, sadistic point of view. No sympathy at all, right, because if they’re out there everyone has a right to them. Fair game. Asking for it. Up for it. Bitches. Serves them right, eh Geezer?

  4. I live in Point England for a couple of years now and I have walked through that reserve at night time. These young girls walk around with barely little clothes now and are trying to act older than there age. I feel no pity for her at all. Maybury reserve has got a name for itself but its a safe place. But it gets very dark at 6-9pm very very fast. But other than the fact the girl should have ran straight to the police but no she was too scared. People around G.I ARE talking about. The community have more information about the incident than the bloody police. People know done the assault but they just don’t want to say anything ABOUT it. How disgraceful.

  5. so what they are trying to say is the gubbermnt is to blame for letting them be forced to use drugs and drink to much booze and for allowing young girls and woman be out with out a male chaperone and clad from head to toe in coverings & veils…. damm next you’ll be telling us woman can drive, swim in public pools and wear clothing they feel comfortable in…

    kiwis’ seeking to blame everyone else but themselves since they got of the first sailing ships…

  6. There are a few things that don’t add up about this. It is stated that the police were called out at 9:30 pm. Since it would be well and truly dark by this time the child in question must have been at the park at night (unless of course it took hours to phone the police, which doesn’t seem likely). Yet, all the photos show it being broad daylight. In addition the park has had violence take place in it before, people have been murdered there, so it must be known as a dangerous place.

    Now I’m certainly not excusing the perpetrator of an act of rape (IF it did actually take place as it’s only accusations at this stage), but what was this child doing out at that time in the first place? Where were her parents? And why, after so much time, is there no description of what the alleged perpetrator looked like? Isn’t it reasonable to assume that a physical description is the FIRST bit of information the police would have requested?

    • E2NZ: Maybe I am being presumptuous by answering for Vince, but I think his point is that a 13-year-old child probably should not be outside at 9:30 pm on a school night. Decent parents normally have their kids at home by then.

      I am certainly not attacking the parents or rush to judgement, but I do believe that a significant percentage of New Zealand parents are irresponsible and fail to look after their children properly.

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