Maori King’s Son Let-off Drink Driving Charge, ” Cultural Hypnotism” or Cultural Cringe?

New Zealand's other royal family: King Tuheitia and son Korotangi Paki

New Zealand’s other royal family: King Tuheitia and son Korotangi Paki

Another classic case of New Zealand’s appallingly ineffective justice system hit the news today.

The Maori King’s 19 year old son has been let-off drink driving (seven times over the legal limit for his age group) and burglary charges, leading to claims that the judge was suffering from cultural hypnotism,  because imposing a conviction on the young heir ‘would affect his ability to accede to the throne.’

Furthermore, three other young men who participated in the crimes with Paki were discharged without conviction from the Gisborne District Court. Source  Guess having him as a mate paid off?

One would have thought that being a confessed drunk and thief would have made him an unsuitable candidate for King anyway. Should  quoting Mongrel Mob slang, making racist remarks about Asian travelers and showing himself binge drinking  on his Facebook page (“Works at Toihoukura – School of Maori Visual Art & Design Goes to Te Wharekura o Rakaumangamanga Lives in Gisborne, New Zealand”) raise more than eyebrows? source.

"Sieg Heil" as used by Mongrel Mob members

“Sieg Heil” as used by Mongrel Mob members

Maori prince picks out Asian travelers at the airport

Maori prince picks out Asian travelers at the airport and publishes racist abuse

Good luck proving he doesn't have a drink problem

Good luck proving he doesn’t have a drink problem

Is this the same cultural hypnotism that also lets off Kiwi entertainers, doctors and sporting celebs and then gives them name suppression to seal the deal?

Here’s what the papers said, note how the judge asks the defendant to prove a negative, how does that work?

A judge who discharged the Maori King’s son without conviction is suffering from “cultural hypnosis”, former Maori Affairs Minister Dover Samuels says.

Korotangi Paki, 19, pleaded guilty in the Auckland District Court yesterday to drink driving, two counts of burglary and one of theft.

Judge Philippa Cunningham discharged Paki without conviction on all charges but imposed a special condition that he provide the court evidence he did not have an alcohol problem or if he did, that he had addressed it with counselling.

Paki’s lawyer, Paul Wicks QC, told the court a conviction would impede his ability to accede to the throne…” source

Suppression lifted

When this story first broke in May the Maori King made a big thing about not protecting his son, knowing that he should set an example to his contemporaries and front up like a man. However, Maori TV tells its viewers that a charge of drink driving had been suppressed until now.

As well as the charges from the burglary of a holiday park in Gisborne, the media is now able to report on a charge of driving with excess breath alcohol that the Māori royal faces…

Way to go! what was the point of that?

Tuku Morgan, the Maori King’s rep said outside the court yesterday

“the case was a “major turning point in [Paki’s] life”.

“He’s an expectant father and you can see he’s brought shame upon his father, his family and Tainui,” Morgan said.

He heralded the court’s decision as a victory for Maori.

“I think that is a recognition of the uniqueness of this country. Maori tikanga, Maori culture has been recognised today by a very senior court,” he said.

Samuels said the uniqueness would have been recognised if Paki had stepped up to his responsibilities and not used his royalty as a cop-out.”

Time to step up Paki, time to be a role model for other young Maori and not an excuse that they can use.


11 thoughts on “Maori King’s Son Let-off Drink Driving Charge, ” Cultural Hypnotism” or Cultural Cringe?

  1. Maybe the King wanted to make sure that the royal family was adequately represented [in the criminal justice system]. He seems to have quite a few constituents in that sector.

  2. Hang on a second here. Since when did the Maori have a “King”. This isn’t a traditional title for them. What are they doing pretending that they have some kind of royal family and monarchy? What a load of absolute nonsense. Their tradition goes back to a large number of tribes, no royalty there. “King” is a title connected with the ruling member of the royal families of Europe, the Maori have NO business stealing this title and claiming that one of them is a king in the first place.

    How can they claim cultural sensitivity for a title they stole?

    Of course, they also show great ignorance of kingship as well, since even kings are held fully accountable before the law.

  3. Unfortunately, this IS the typical path that most take. Why shouldn’t the “king’s” family be any different?
    Typical path = under age drinking, trouble with the law [theifs, drugs, assaults…], under performing in school, children out of wedlock, welfare abuse…
    I’d say that the “king’s” family’s example is being followed.

  4. Absolute joke. Anyone considering emigrating to NZ should take this story in, really absorb it. There are two streams of criminal justice in NZ – Maori and everyone else. If you were the victim of this guy and this is his “punishment” how would you feel?
    Having to stomach this kind of BS happening constantly in your community really takes a toll on you, and you can’t talk about it because “Maori woo-woo, you can’t possibly comment, you have no right to because you are white”. No-one except Maori are allowed to talk about Maori issues it seems.

    Being outside NZ now I see how outrageous this kind of sentence is. People claiming they abused kids, attacked someone, stole money etc because of some intangible cultural legacy of being oppressed because they were Maori. It happens in NZ on a regular basis, and the courts take it on and give reduced sentences because of it. Then the offenders think it’s funny that they got one over on whitey yet again.
    Until you have read so many child abuse stories they start to blur together, you haven’t really got to grips with the violence problem in NZ.

  5. The picture of those two says it all and to echo Dover Samuels: ‘I think that is a recognition of the uniqueness of this country’ LOL Those two clowns are apparently of the highest echelon, worthy of a royal pardon? They put their culture to shame and should abdicate forthwith.

  6. The Sieg Heiling is quite amusing from people that obviously know nothing about National Socialism. New Zealand also has a Maori gang called the rebels and they were Confederate paraphernalia. I guess the brown degenerates join the white degenerates embracing symbols about which they know nothing.

    This case illustrates the wanton way in which New Zealand judges ignore the law and give preferential treatment to prominent criminals. No wonder why the country has such a shocking level of criminality.

  7. Nice Mob headgear son but don’t give the judge that sociopath stare.’She might become hypnotised and incapable of dispensing justice without fear or favour.

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