Diplomat Gets Name Suppression in NZ, Burglary and Attempted Rape Allegations Will Not Interfere with Trade. Malaysia Talks Openly

Another name suppression hit for NZ

Trade and stereotypes are ingrained in the NZ culture

Update: The man was later named in a New Zealand Herald report as

“Muhammed Rizalman Bin Ismail, a junior military official at the Malaysian High Commission in Wellington…” source

A diplomat has been given name suppression in New Zealand for alleged burglary and the attempted rape of a woman in Wellington.

Even though the name and country of the man has been suppressed in New Zealand, the location of the arrest was released. People have used that information to guess which High Commission was involved .

New Zealand news reports said:

A male aged in his 30s was arrested in the Wellington suburb of Brooklyn on the night of Friday May 9, police said today.

Prime Minister John Key confirmed the man was a foreign diplomat and that he escaped prosecution on a serious charge after invoking diplomatic immunity.

Police laid charges of burglary and assault with intent to rape after he allegedly followed a 21-year-old woman and assaulted her.

However they say they were unable to proceed with the prosecution after “legal issues” were established, a police spokesman said today. The alleged offender had since left New Zealand but the charges remained active and and (sic) a warrant to arrest for the man had been issued by the court.

That meant if the man was to return to New Zealand at any time he would be likely to face prosecution for his alleged offences, the spokesman added…”

The Malaysian High Commission is located in Brooklyn, Wellington and some Malaysian sites are already asking if one of their citizens was involved.

One site has also published a list of staff : See  http://weehingthong.wordpress.com/2014/06/30/our-shame-is-it-our-diplomat-who-is-wanted-for-burglary-and-assault-with-intent-to-rape/.

The Malaysia – New Zealand Free Trade Agreement and NZ’s Rape Culture

The Malaysia – New Zealand Free Trade Agreement was signed on 26 October 2009 in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia is New Zealand’s eighth largest export destination, reaching almost 8 billion dollars worth of exports in 2008. It was ratified by the Parliament of New Zealand on 24 June 2010 and entered into force on 1 August 2010.” source

Presumably to take the matter further will damage trade relationships between the two countries to New Zealand’s detriment. New Zealand  received international criticism for its rape culture after the Roastbuster debacle, its failure to bring the alleged perpetrator to justice will do nothing to dispel that image.

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3 thoughts on “Diplomat Gets Name Suppression in NZ, Burglary and Attempted Rape Allegations Will Not Interfere with Trade. Malaysia Talks Openly

  1. nothing new, diplomats and high profile entertainers been getting away with s**t for decades. A diplomat from a embassy drove drunk on the wrong side of the motorway hitting a car head on and killing the 2 young ladies in it and he walked away no charges laid, about 30 years ago. And then theres smarmy long haired cigar smoking twats and aussie painters with 3 legs use their position to get away with pedo activities for as long.
    Its not exclusive to NZ.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Incidentally, the name of the judge who issued the suppression order is ex-Solicitor General David Collins. Whenever the New Zealand government needs an injunction or a suppression order, then it knows whom to call.

    Collins once issued name suppression to a musician who had slapped an underage woman on the face with his penis, as this could damage the musician’s reputation. Collins also claimed that the musician was contrite. Additionally, Collins ordered a number of illegal raids against political opponents when he worked as Solicitor General. Here is more information about Collins http://www.kiwisfirst.com/judge-file-index/high-court-justice-david-collins/.

  3. 1)it was illegal for the courts and the police to prosecute without the attorney generals permission
    2) the consequences of trying to charge a foreign diplomat can be devastating to the relations with the other country and course more harm than good no mater what the crime is
    3) this is why there is such a thing called diplomatic immunity
    4) if there is any evidence of the alleged crime it will be dealt with by the country where the diplomat is from
    5)this is dealt with in a similar way the army dose it ,when one of there soldier gets in trouble with the police, the police can not interfere with army business for obvious reasons

    6)in short there is no further fret from this diplomat because he will not be sent to this country to do business again ,unless the accusation is from a person who fabricated the alleged crime it self ,for what ever reason

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