5 Years

E2NZ.org has been blogging for 5 years

E2NZ.org has been blogging for 5 years

We’re proud to report that this site has now been going 5 years, our readership and subscriptions are increasing exponentially.

The site’s success is attributed to the support of our readership, the contributions you all make and the publicity you give to the site which increases our hits. You’ve made it the most successful NZ watchdog site on the net.

In our first few months the site averaged less than 10 hits a day, now its 2,500. Last month on our busiest day that peaked at just over 4,000.


Here’s to the next 5 years.



8 thoughts on “5 Years

  1. Kudos! Would like to see the personal story of the folks who started this blog and his/her personal story in NZ, of course, with name and other private information removed because of the kiwi trolls.

    At least it can serve us some inspiration to make that final ditch crossing to Australia..

  2. May you have many, many more anniversaries E2NZ Admin, and keep the blog backups current 🙂
    Thank you for giving all immigrants the chance to speak about their experiences in NZ!

  3. We have a kiwi friend who’s daughter married 5 years ago. They went to England for their OE, had their first child there and retuned home 11 months ago. They have decided to return to England because they can’t stand NZ any more and they are both third generation kiwis!!!

  4. Congratulations.

    Thanks! I am a migrant from a
    latino background living in NZ for several years and I totally hate it. I will just wait to get the NZ citizenship and go to Australia.

    I just need to wait a little more of time to apply for it. NZ is horrible. Soon I want to write my story for your blog.

    I have never been so sad, poor and depressed in my life. I hate NZ. I love your blog, you say the true

  5. Congratulations! Keep fighting the good fight! Thank you so much for devoting your time and effort to helping people dodge a bullet by NOT migrating to New Suckyourbrainland.

  6. Congratulations on the success and thanks for selflessly telling the world how it is in Retardicon 6. Contact me so that I can invite you for a meal when I am in your area.

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