Royal Tour of New Zealand – Key Comments on ‘Republic of NZ’ Kate Wears Red, ‘Anxious’ Kiwis Await

royal arrive in windy welly

Royals arrive in windy Welly, NZ

Well the royal family have landed in New Zealand. They stepped off the plane into the “Wellington gloom” after a foggy start to the day delayed flights in to Windy Welly – one of the world’s white knuckle airports. As you can see, it is a barren, windswept place.

Catherine was resplendent in red, sure to be a firm favorite  in New Zealand’s Mongrel Mob towns and villages, whilst William carried the theme through with his black suit. George on the other hand remained firmly neutral and appeared nonplussed. Kate sported a diamond Silver Fern broach, a present from her mother-in-law who was given it during her visit in the 50s


This diamond and platinum brooch in the form of a silver fern, an important New Zealand emblem, was a Christmas gift to The Queen from the Women of Auckland during the Commonwealth Tour of 1953-4. source. It will be interesting to see if Kate wears the Queen’s Wattle broach, also gifted to her in the 53-54 tour, during her visit to Australia.


Kiwis who are supposedly “anxious” to grab a glimpse are advised to visit the governor general’s twitter feed for every intimate detail of the royal tour of New Zealand, be sure to grab a good vantage point.

PM promises not to be a barnacle

Meanwhile, PM John ‘three way handshake‘ Key has promised not to be a barnacle during the visit, “attached to them the whole way” much to the relief of everyone in the country. Listen here (apologies for the poor audio, his accent is rather thick) to his thoughts about NZ becoming a republic. He already has a redesign of the NZ flag on his to-do list and he is definitely of the view that New Zealand will become a republic, great sentiment but what bad timing to voice it on this day of all days. Of course, he will be anxious to ensure he gets his knighthood before that happens.