5 Year Old Girl Sexually Assaulted By Peers at a Hamilton School. Update: Rape in 2016


Moving to New Zealand because you’re thinking it’s a safe place to raise your kids, that they can magically ‘be kids for longer’ just by taking them to a far corner of the globe?

Think again after reading this story in today’s Stuff,  the school’s alleged reaction to this incident may shock you almost as much as the original act of indecency. Although this was a very serious act, and there had been previous similar incidents, the little girl’s mother said the school did nothing to seek help for the two boys involved.

Mother denounces school’s reaction

The mother of a 5-year-old girl caught up in a sex case involving her classmates, is angered by the school’s response.

The Times last week reported allegations that on March 3, the girl was pulled into bushes on the school field by two 5-year-old boys who performed oral sex-like acts on her and got the girl to reciprocate on them.

The woman and her daughter have left Hamilton due to the “stress” that was caused by the alleged incident…

The Ministry of Education’s head of sector enablement and support, Katrina Casey, said the ministry was “comfortable” with how the school had handled the situation.

The girl’s mother disagreed, saying the principal did not seek help for the children involved, it was the mother’s phone call to CYF (Child Youth and Family) after her meeting with the school that alerted the government agency to the issue.

The principal said there had been two or three other incidents that were of the same kind. I felt the principal tried to minimise what had happened, he kept saying the boys won’t talk . . . and my daughter wasn’t offered any kind of counselling – we were traumatised,” the mother said.

She allowed her daughter to try one more day at the schoolunder her supervision but a lunchtime incident involving the young boys yelling out to her daughter to “suck it” contributed to her taking her daughter out of the school…” read the full story here

When you read the article note how other parents at the school were not made aware of the incident, the boys weren’t dealt with effectively, the victims had to leave town, and that the school has not been named.

Related incident in 2016

A 10 year old was raped on a school camp. This incident also involved a Hamilton Primary School, thought to be the same one as above.

A 10-year-old boy was raped by another 10-year-old boy at a school camp.

The way the Hamilton primary school and other authorities dealt with the incident at the camp and afterward has left the victim’s mother feeling isolated and angry at what she described as attempts to brush the incident under the carpet.

The mother, who cannot be named without identifying her son, says her son was anally penetrated twice in the incident, which was witnessed by a third child.

New Zealand Police; Child, Youth and Family (CYF); the Ministry of Education; and the school have all confirmed an incident of a serious sexual nature occurred during one of the two school camps that month…

It is the same school where three five year olds allegedly performed oral sex on each other in 2014.

The mother of the victim says the school and the Education Ministry have failed her son by not properly supervising pupils and then, after the fact, not telling other parents about a serious incident on a school camp attended by dozens of students.

She wants other parents to know about her difficulty getting information from the school.

“I was told by the police my son had been raped – not [told] by the principal. It was as though they just wanted to brush the whole thing under the carpet.

It was all hush, hush and the principal said, ‘This stays between us, right?’  To me, he was covering his own butt.”

The principal has repeatedly refused an interview with Stuff, as has the deputy principal and the board of trustees. source Stuff.co.nz