Streets of New Zealand ‘More Dangerous Than Syria’

There’s a great little report hidden away in the pages of today’s New Zealand Herald.

It’s a story than been told many times – that of a traveller who’s traversed some of the most dangerous countries on earth only to come a cropper in New Zealand.

Thinking about retiring to New Zealand or raising your kids there because it’s so safe? Well you really do need to do your research and not get take in by the hype. Read

Paul Thomas’: Brutal thugs bring terror to our streets
in the Herald, and think again.

2 thoughts on “Streets of New Zealand ‘More Dangerous Than Syria’

  1. Much of the violence is random, and because it was not “planned violence”, the offenders receive very short sentences or slaps on the wrist. They need to change their way of handling random violence, because there is so much of it. People are encouraged by the knowledge that there will be no consequences if they lash out at some random stranger “just because they feel like being violent”. Are these people any less dangerous to society than someone who plans out a crime?

  2. The comments are illuminating in their comparison to other countries. Do NOT move to New Zealand thinking that it will be a low-crime place because it is little, rural and remote. As the one comment noted, it has a “ridiculous macho culture”–and too many drugs everywhere.

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