British Tourists Nicola Forsyth and Tom Hiscock Lose Everything in Wellington

British tourists Nicola Forsyth and Tom Hiscock were months into a round the world holiday when they had the misfortune to become victims of crime in New Zealand.

We’ve written many times about New Zealand’s appalling record for crime, especially against tourists and we’re saddened to learn that the message is still not getting out.

It is vital that visitors DO NOT leave possessions in unattended vehicles in New Zealand, ever.

The number of thefts from campervans, hire cars and holiday accommodation is a huge concern for many tourism operators.

Outside of the country the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has even issued an advisory about theft from tourists in New Zealand. You can read it here. It’s been on public display for a few years and was upgraded during the rugby world cup (“FCO Advises British World Cup Fans To “Be On The Ball”)

Nicola Forsyth and Tom Hiscock had spent weeks in South America, touring Panama and Peru without incident but were robbed within days of arriving in New Zealand.

There’s not much we can do to help them now but perhaps you can help to find their belongings, here’s a copy of a letter Nicola Forsyth wrote asking the public for help.

“Hello, I’m writing to you in a desperate attempt to find the belongings my partner and I had stolen from our campervan on Tuesday 11th June from Barrett Street car park next to Te Papa.

We’ve lost everything and were really hoping you could place a NIB in the next addition please. We have reported it to both the police and Te Papa (who have been fantastic) but we’re desperate to get the message out to find our photos.

We’re both UK tourists on a nine month round the world trip and whilst in the museum someone forced entry into our van and took everything. We have only what we were wearing and thankfully the passports and camera. However we lost memory cards with photos from the last four months of our trip in South America and we’re desperate to try and find them as you can imagine.

If someone spots our bags, belongings or more importantly the memory cards we have lost please can they contact me on this email or number below. The missing contents include: – two large (approx 70 litre bag packs – one black and green, the other black and grey Sherpa make). – one small day pack (purple and grey) – one ipod nani with NiK engraved on the back – all of our clothes (mens and women’s) including cold and warm weather wear and swimwear – five large memory cards (one containing all of our photos) – USB stick with photos – various cosmetics, journals, bug repellent and everyday medical supplies. We’re extremely distraught at having lost everything (especially the photos of our trip of a lifetime, which we worked so hard for), and with four months of our trip remaining so any help at all would be hugely appreciated. Our mobile contact is +0044 7700071787. Many thanks for your time. Regards, Nicola Forsyth and Tom Hiscock

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