What They Say about E2NZ.org Part 2

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Continuing in our series of “What they say about E2Nz.org”. For Part 1 click here

This thread was posted on the She Just Called You Pakeha, Ohh Hell No! Hold My Stolen Land Facebook page.

Here’s how it started, a rant against E2NZ for opening up the debate about how racism impacts adversely on tourists and migrants in New Zealand.

“Pffft, theres website called E2NZ: Emmigrate to New Zealand. Its a forum website created by foriengers where all they do is talk about how shit NZ is, how “casually” racist the whites and maori are, and that nobody should move here. But they really emphasise on the “racism”. Yea whatever you fucking wankers, fuck off if its soo shit and racist here, go to Australia and see what racism is all about and dont forget that you moved here because your country is far shittier than ours.”

Our writing is based on facts, mostly from official statistics, published academic papers and reports – national and international, news items and first hand testimonies. Our aim is to raise awareness of the issues present in New Zealand as a counterbalance to the hype put out about the country. Racism and xenophobia in New Zealand are just two of the many issues we blog about.  See our Welcome page for further information.

Our aim is to show that New Zealand has exactly the same problems as other developed nations, plus a few that are unique to New Zealand – for instance its low wage v. high cost of living, geographical and cultural isolation, a strongly bi-cultural society that by default excludes multiculturalism, a deeply ingrained gang culture and a high proportion of its citizens living overseas.

Here’s some of the comments left on Facebook in response to the above status.

Rebecca-Louise Canaway “Your the admin of this page you should be setting an example . If you want to stop racist remarks don’t make them yourself.”

Her reasoning was countered by this tirade

Tarsh Rogers “I just had a look at the website.. Pisses me off that they’re making our country look so bad.. Racism, murders, rape etc, it happens all over the fucken world & those arseholes make a page specifically for NZ??? Pack of fucken losers.. how bout fix your own backyards before you go poking your fucken nose in ours!!! Dont matter where you go, that shit is gonna happen regardless so get the fuck over it & stop running our country down you wankers!!!”

That is exactly the point we are trying to make, New Zealand has the same problems as the rest of the world – so why the over reaction, are people only allowed to talk about the positives and isn’t there too much of that going on for comfort?

Some people get it though.

Rachel Atkinson “Well I’m quite glad you posted this status, ‘cos the blog in question is the unsaid truth about New Zealand, I was going out of my mind thinking I must be the only one who feels New Zealand is a shit-hole built up on lies and deception, but immigrants or whoever the people who run the site know it too. They need to unearth it and show New Zealand for the prison that it is. Good to see someone fighting for truth.”
Bosworth Crilley “Also please list all these supposed good points? Without resorting to the lies that immigrants are told which just disappoints them in the end, please.”
And the response?
She Just Called You Pakeha, Ohh Hell No! Hold My Stolen Land “I promise you, Rachel. If they wrote about all the positives our country has to offer they’d have alot more to report on, and have alot more followers.”
She Just Called You Pakeha, Ohh Hell No! Hold My Stolen Land “No, I dont follow much news. They only report on all the negative shit that goes on in this planet.”
Perhaps we should blog about Stolen Lands or the Gospel according to New Zealand?

6 thoughts on “What They Say about E2NZ.org Part 2

  1. I’ve just spotted the first troll of the season, the lesser knob-headed spotted Kiwi troll– natural habitat Australia and the Net. Easily identified by its raucous call “Everything is worse in Oz”. Favourite food is “sour grapes”.

  2. Grew up in NZ and left at the age of 27, lived in uk for 4 years, brazil for 2 years, have been living in aust for last 8 years.

    Observations: all countries have positives and negatives, it truly is as simple as that. The only thing that people need to do is identify the type of lifestyle they want. Then try to match this lifestyle to the appropriate country. I am in Australia now as it is fulfilling my career aspirations in an industry that is much smaller in Nz. I don’t like Australian politics and i find the people extremely patriotic to an ugly extent, matching Americans in terms of their belief that they are the best.
    Racism in Australia is rampant, unbelievable. Brazil was fantastic, felt very safe living in the south, good pay, great food, lovely people and low living costs. England felt very aggressive, low wages, horrible lifestyle.

    Don’t know what else to say: each to their own. Search, investigate and discover what works for you. But remember, nowhere will ever, ever be perfect. It doesn’t exist.

    • The whole point of this forum and others like it is exactly that – to counter the “paradise marketing”. New Zealand has its problems like any other place. Best to know what they are before deciding to move there. The problem is that bad information is not readily available, or was not in the past at least. Now people can find it more easily, thanks to E2NZ and other sites like it.

  3. i have a very very bad experience with a young start up tech company in New Zealand and its young CEO.

    I was offered a job but I declined as the company couldn’t meet my expectation in terms of renumeration.

    What I got in return for being polite and being honest about the low renumeration and the fact that my family isn’t willing to relocate with me to New Zealand to a lower quality of life is accusations about me being dishonest, of low integrity and credibility. The worst personal attack on one’s integrity that you can think of and this is coming from the CEO!

    I haven’t even set foot on New Zealand and this episode really opened up my eyes to at least one company on one New Zealander. I do not wish to stereotype or bunch the whole of New Zealand by just one encounter. So let’s hope New Zealand is much better than this rude and inconsiderate CEO and his amateurish company.

  4. I’ve spent time in both countries and Australia is way more friendly and less racist than New Zealand. Also people in Australia are way less aggressive than in New Zealand… here complete strangers will try to slam into you or run their shopping carts at you. Perhaps is about race, who knows, but I have a slim white friend who is also a target, so perhaps it’s about not being fat. Who cares why? All I know is I hate this place, but Australia has a lot going for it… it’s way more friendly and less racist, and people seem better educated.

  5. Dear Admin,

    I’m an Australian who most definitely, is very,very annoyed at the claim of Kiwis that whatever negative comments are made about NZ the situation is always supposed to be worse in Australia, is it some kind of sour grapes reflex? I’m not necessarily defending OZ, just protesting at the hypocrisy and ignorance of New Zealanders.

    We don’t need to be sociologists to realise that NZ’s celebrated bi-cultural policy will clash
    with the realities of multiculturalism eventually- do Kiwis really understand that it’s inevitable?
    Bi-culturalism is, in effect, racist as it denies other ethnic groups recognition.

    I have no idea how representative this Oz bashing attitude is, however I decided not to take the chance and abandoned any idea of migrating to NZ.

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