China Names New Zealand World’s best luxury destination, shame about NZ’s rampant xenophobia

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Are you a tourist or intending migrant seriously considering New Zealand as a destination?

You may like to think again when you read about the way some of the NZ public reacted to the news that Asian voters chose New Zealand as World’s Best Luxury Destination for 2013 in the Chinese Luxury Travel Awards.

According to an article published in The Herald

“New Zealand’s recognition as a luxury destination by Chinese travellers will boost the country’s profile as a “high-quality visitor destination”, a tourism industry head says.

Auckland Airport was also crowned the World’s Best Airport, while Whare Kea Lodge in Wanaka was named the Best Asia-Pacific Boutique Hotel, and Queenstown Millbrook was named the Best Asia-Pacific Golf Course.

The awards are decided by members of the Shanghai Travellers Club…” more here

New Zealand’s prime minister and minister of tourism, John Key, was quick to claim the victory on his Facebook page. Unfortunately his post was soon marred by the anti-Asian xenophobia that is so prevalent in New Zealand.

Comments left by the Kiwi public, some of whom confused migration with tourism,  included

Jesse Amber Wood “I just wish we weren’t handing citizenships out like candy. Its hard enough for kiwis to find jobs and housing w/o the influx of foreigners.”

Whilst a South African migrant pitched in with her perspective of being a “foreigner” in New Zealand

Madeleine Botha “I have just read the threads, some very uninformed people indeed. My goodness some of you really dont know what you have to go through and leave behind to eventually become a NZ citizen. Our family works hard, we bought a home, we contribute to the NZ economy and we pay our taxes. We certainly do not get anything for free and I take great exception in being classed as a second rate human being for being an immigrant to NZ.”

Feeling were running high about China’s influence in New Zealand

Corey Elliman “It’s to easy for the. Chinese to Kum here and buy our land and houses but yet we go over to china and its the total opposite . It shud be harder for foreigners to establish them selfs here there barley enuf homes for us to live in”

With the inevitable “go home Asians” barb

Angelique Fitzgerald “Too bad they don’t go home once they come to New Zealand.”
Some were quick to see the obvious financial benefits from the world’s biggest middle-class opening their wallets
Colin Menzies Let the good times roll! Well done John Key. The worlds biggest and richest middle class ready to open their wallets in NZ
Whilst others somehow managed to pin the blame for National’s asset sales on the Chinese
Rangi Maari John, you forgot to say “because we selling our assets to the Chinese” smoke and mirrors people

Here’s a shot of the discussion – click to enlarge.

racist nz1

racist nz2

3 thoughts on “China Names New Zealand World’s best luxury destination, shame about NZ’s rampant xenophobia

  1. I came here in 1987 from Turkey and only reason why I ended up here as a kid was my parents decision, if I was an adult NZ would not be my destination.
    Yes its a scenic beautiful country but end of the day you want prosperity and jobs. New Zealand’s idea of low population set in the 1970’s is working against them in the 21st century. The less people means less economy, less jobs and less money.
    Kiwi’s should look at the startling fact that there is over 500,000 kiwi’s in Australia.
    Why? Well no jobs in NZ, or low pay and high expense.. Why? Well what does NZ have apart from sheep, meat and milk? Does it have decent manufacturing infrastructure?
    I have been an technician in engineering and I have had my own business too and put it simply it is hard to earn money in NZ, it is actually an old people’s country, it really is not a thriving country and years behind Australia.
    New Zealand needs foreign investments like from China and other parts of Asia or without that it will not even have the economy it has today, most of which is a hollow economy.

    • I have been an technician in engineering and I have had my own business too and put it simply it is hard to earn money in NZ
      I’d even turn that thinking around … and say that some people make it a point NOT to patronise immigrant business.
      Of course, not realising that it’s the small businesses that have the least ability to AVOID paying taxes … and directly support … people NOT having to work.
      Then of course, comes the complaint that the big businesses treat them like just another number.
      Quite laughable really.

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