Auckland reality of Indian students

From the comments section on YouTube

Anyone in India that happens to stumble upon this video take note. Ever see those ads in newspapers that say study in UK, NZ, Australia, Canada,  spot admissions, etc – don’t trust them. Don’t trust what the agent
says and do your own research. You wouldn’t imagine it but some of the providers that they send you to are pretty substandard. The agent paints  a very rosy picture, telling you about easy entry, shorter duration,
cheaper courses, the possibility of getting job & PR afterward.


2 thoughts on “Auckland reality of Indian students

  1. In this video the guy is telling that actual Job market and situation isn’t that good as described by the agent. I have my own story to tell – My residency was about to come but due to my urgent travel I applied for Work permit but for I didn’t get any response for my work permit for two months, So I seek urgent travel document and got a Visitor visa as exemption to the policy. When I was about to board the country custom officer noticed that my visitor visa expires on the same date it has been stamped. I had to approach local embassy for correction ….. There I have told that our visa has been revoked and your work permit application has been withdrawn and they forced me to withdraw my residence application as well. The y only reason they told me that someone has asked blamed me that I have shown funds for him. They did everything without taking my views in consideration. I appealed but no satisfactory response.

    Finally in the court it has been proved that whole story was framed by a competitor but than also I din’t hear anything from immigration.

    If there’s anyone who can help me fight my legal case as free lancer please contact I’ll supply you all evidences

  2. The actual interest for your readers, as far as that youtube was concerned, were all the vicious comments. Told you everything about being an Indian in New Zealand. I suggest your readers go to the link and read them. They’re shocking.

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