Canterbury Shaken By Strong Quake

The Canterbury region of New Zealand was shaken by a strong 5.5 magnitude earthquake this evening.

Data from Geonet place the epicentre 20km east of Christchurch at a depth of only 12km.

The quake was later classified as a new event by the Earthquake Commission for insurance purposes, fresh claims may be made for damage. This was the largest quake quake to hit the city since a 6.3 magnitude on 13 June.

Reactions to the insurance annoucement were predictably skeptical:

Anon chch – “whats the bloody use in claiming when the insurance companies are not stepping up to fix the houses. Save tax payers money and make the insurance’s step up for once. Enough has been paid out by the Eqc, still waiting a year down the road to get house fixed and thats in green zone. if the damage is made worse its down to insurance for failing to fix in the first place.”

Anon –  “what a f..king joke now we will have to waiting another 12 months to have our places looked at”

beattie8 – “yet another claim for insurance companys? maybe they should hire more staff and get the claims from a year ago sorted first. slack as”

“Shit that was big”

People in the area were shocked by the power of the quake and were quick to take to the internet and talk on Trademe.

  • “phones are out”
  • “Harewood was big and rumbling”
  • “Has to be a 5……right??? really bad here in Redwood”
  • “Good one here in Leithfield too…. not nice!”
  • “shakey shakey here in Timaru as well!!”
  • “GEONET’s DOWN not a good sign – must have been over 5 then – not down but REAL GLITCHY”
  • “Felt that in Methven too. Usually has to be a big one over your way for us to feel it.”
  • “felt long out here (Doyleston) started out like Feb, was waiting for it to grow…”
  • “I must admit that I got off of my chair in readiness for a increase in the intensity, it started off like the 7.1 did last year”
  • “reminded everyone to make sure their touches are at the ready just in case, bit of a rough couple of days”
  • “We rockn out west.”
  • “Looks like it was centered somewhere in the sea off of Godley Heads”
  • “It was a big one in Bromley & a few more of the block’s in the house came loose with it,if we get any more like that I wont have any left.We keep putting them back in but I think it’s a waste of time. A lot of thing’s fell out of the cupboard’s as well.”
Reference Number 3591999
Universal Time October 9 2011 at 7:34
NZ Daylight Time Sunday, October 9 2011 at 8:34 pm
Latitude, Longitude 43.58°S, 172.82°E
Focal Depth 12 km
Richter magnitude 5.5
Region Canterbury
  • 10 km north-east of Diamond Harbour
  • 10 km east of Lyttelton
  • 20 km east of Christchurch

As yet we’ve not heard of any structural damage or liquefaction, daylight may bring some news.