Lawrie Drew Wanted Truth To Be Told From The Start

Lawrie Drew, father of trapped miner Zen  Drew, told a group of journalists this morning that he was annoyed that families were not told the truth about the Pike River mine disaster right from the beginning.

Referring to yesterday’s screening of the blast from the entrance to the tunnel into the coal mine, he felt it should have been shown to families a lot sooner – on Saturday morning.

Mr Drew said that he thought that Peter (Whittall) would have wanted the video of the blast to be shown to the families but that

“the others” thought it wasn’t necessary” then with a shrug added “because it wasn’t important.”

In this interview were signs that there is growing discontent from the families about the way in which  information had been released to them and they way in which their anger is suppressed.

When asked how the police and Peter Whittall respond to the anger from the families during their meetings Mr Drew said

“They don’t, they hush us up”

Watch the video of this interview on the NZ Herald’s site , his comments about being annoyed start 1:40 into the clip.

Update 26 November 2010 : We’re not sure why but that video is no longer available on the above link,  a brief section of it may be found here on SkyNews, or a longer portion of the video may be found on YouTube:

Lawrie Drew “sick of PR rubbish”

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