Paul Henry Falls On Sword

TVNZ host has resigned from national broadcaster TVNZ.

In his resignation statement, the full text of which may be found here, he said:

…I have apologised twice, and have meant every word. I again apologise to all those who were genuinely hurt by what I said.

However, it is clear that things have now reached a point where my actions will have to speak louder than my words.

I am astonished and dismayed that my comments have created a diplomatic incident. My style is conversational and of course unscripted. I walk the finest of lines and accept that I have inadvertently crossed it from time to time.

But I recognise the realities of the situation.

I do not want to continue to be used as a lightning rod for racial disharmony in this country. Likewise, I certainly do not want to have my elderly mother staked out at her nursing home by tabloid media, as has happened this weekend.

Henry recently attracted public criticism for mocking his mother during a live interview with her from her rest home on his 50th birthday.

I will miss the professionalism and friendship of the brilliant production team I have worked with, and I will miss the fun and satisfaction of having doubled the audience for Breakfast in the last few years. The programme is great – and I’m sure its success will continue.

To be honest, most of all I’ll miss Pippa.

I am grateful to the many thousands of people who have offered their support to me. I hope they will understand and accept that an extraordinary convergence of circumstances has made this action necessary…

We have an inkling  that this won’t be the last New Zealand will hear from Mr Henry.

It’s notable that he used his resignation announcement to emphasise that he’s been instrumental in doubling the audience for Breakfast, no doubt TV1, 2 or talk radio will be ‘doing their sums’ over the coming days for this popular and controversial  broadcaster.