Racist Street Attacks In Christchurch

Cantebury’s Star newspaper is reporting today on two racist street attacks that have taken place in Christchurch in the past few days.

The first incident involved a young mother and her children as she was putting them in her car and the second a man who was beaten by a skinhead as he left a bottle store.

Hazel Munro was putting her five-month-old daughter Olivia in her car on Windermere Rd in Papanui a couple of weeks ago when a full 4-litre can of paint was thrown at her from a mini-van as it slowly passed by.

She had parked there to visit a friend and was leaving to pick up her eldest daughter from school. The paint went all over Mrs Munro, her car, and some splattered on her two-year-old daughter, Samantha.”

Mrs Munro told the paper that she had heard the occupants laughing as they drove away and felt that she may have been assaulted because she was a Filipino, saying “they might be targeting Asian people”  and described the people responsible as “European teenagers.”

The second incident happened around 10pm on Saturday as a Zimbabwean 19 year old, who is said to have lived in New Zealand for a number of years, was hit as he left a bottle store. He described his assailant as an intoxicated skinhead in his 30s. We went on to tell the media that

“he did get the odd ”racial slur”, but it frustrated him more when people who could not defend themselves, like Mrs Munro, were targeted. Read the full report here

Just last month we reported on how a thug involved in a racist street attack last August, had finally been made to answer for his actions when he was refused home detention for an assault on two Korean citizens.

At the time we said that was not the first time we’d highlighted racist attacks in Christchurch, nor was it likely to be the last. The incident involving the two Korean citizens was very similar to one we wrote about in February when 2 Japanese students were attacked by a gang of skinheads as they waited at a bus stop in the city. As far as we know no-one has been charged with that assault.

That attack drew a fair amount of contempt from the readers of Stuff who are very eager to talk about the issue of racism in Christchurch, allegedly a “haven for Neo-Nazis due to the lack of competition from other gangs”.  At the time we mentioned that police in New Zealand still don’t/won’t collect data on racially motivated crimes, it is very hard to know the true extent of this problem both in Christchurch and throughout the country.

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“An attack on a Thai girl, who was beaten up by fellow pupils on a bus, is part of everyday “race hate” in Christchurch, a homestay parent says.
Paul Stratford said the Avonside Girls’ High School pupil arrived at his house distressed and covered in blood after being beaten up on the bus after school on Monday.
The assault comes after a South Korean pupil had a knife held to his throat and was kicked to the ground in an unprovoked attack at a Christchurch bus stop last week…”

Covert Racial Prejudice commonplace in NZ – 12 November 2009

“A MAORI Party boss says hidden racism is rife in New Zealand.
Co-vice president Heta Hingston said fellow Maori Party member Hone Harawira’s email rant against Pakeha was no worse than “covert” racial prejudice commonplace throughout the country. “That email, I wouldn’t want to say [if it was racist],” Hingston, a retired Maori Land Court judge, told Sunday News.

“I can concede it is offensive to some people – nobody would deny that. But racism … in New Zealand, is covert. Very few of the ardent anti-Maori, anti-Islander, anti-Asian front up.”

4 thoughts on “Racist Street Attacks In Christchurch

  1. Man, some of the people of Christchurch must have plenty of free time to get around to organising rallies and distributing Anti-Asian flyers.

    A Brazilian student said she was told by a Resistance supporter in Northcote last Saturday that New Zealand was “a country for everyone, except Asians”.

    “He said Asians bring diseases and crime to the country, and New Zealand will be a paradise without them,” the student said.

    “I cannot believe they are trying to recruit anti-Asian supporters right in front of a Chinese supermarket.”

  2. Personally, I was shocked at the level of drunkenness and drug use that I saw while at university. One of the most disturbing bits though, was being encouraged to participate (I declined, not my scene) by one of the _mothers_ of a foreign student who was visiting. Amazing, and this was a woman who said she was shocked at waking up to a visiting female friend having sex in our house with another friend. I guess when it comes to fitting in, people from overseas go over the top with their liberality so that they can be seen as “understanding their place” and maintaining the status quo.

  3. The European people do not have faith in any religion and the inventions that have been made by them now destroys their own community and they are helpless because most of the teenagers have become addicted to drug for which Asians are not to be blamed.
    These young boys should be given proper psychic treatment, then things will become alright.
    Madhanan Natarjan

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