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This story that the ‘land of plenty’, the nation whose economy depends so much on agriculture and growing sufficient food to be self sustaining, can’t even keep a fast food chain stocked up caught our attention this morning.

This story was running in the Herald

A shortage of cucumber, lamb and turkey has hit Subway stores from Kaitaia to Invercargill.

A sign at Auckland’s Queen St store said: “Due to the critical supply issue with cucumber we need to reduce the amount of cucumber on sandwiches for a limited time.”

At Subway Eden Quarter in Mt Eden, a notice said: “We are currently out of stock of our turkey and roast lamb products due to unforseen circumstances until further notice.”

Subway marketing manager David Herrick said there was a seasonal shortage of cucumbers because of cold growing conditions, which led Subway to look at sourcing them from Australia…”

Ok, we can appreciate that cucumber growing conditions may not be ideal at present, those NZ winters can be pretty harsh. But turkey and lamb?! Lamb is the staple food, the national dish of New Zealand.

How can New Zealand ever run out of lamb?

One thought on “Subway Rations Food

  1. That is one of those classic contradictions that should make people sit up and smell serious rotten fish, if they have half a brain.

    New Zealand IS lamb. Isn’t it? It is known for that. What’s up here?

    What this shows to anyone who can connect the dots is that the Wonderful that Godzone is careful to make itself known for on the outside does not actually exist at the everyday living level of most people here, many of whom have teeth pulled instead of fixed, because it’s cheaper.

    Someone on one of those disgruntled expat websites mentioned the “fur coat no knickers” mentality. It’s like that, but bigger in scope and slightly different, you would not walk around in a fur coat here, more like overpriced designer NZ-made organic non-GE flax eco-sackcloth or something. 🙂 It’s that. Dangle shiny things to foreigners, especially of the naive earnest leftie sort, and create a surface impression. They’re good at spinning brand image at a blinding rotational speed and then moving on before people realise they’ve been had and are left holding the bag.

    They are so good at it though at all levels, even interpersonal, and it is so much a part of the unconscious psychosocial fabric of their culture. The con goes deep.

    Strange mixed impressions.
    The reason why so many disgruntled expat websites exist is because the sheer gall of the deception leaves you breathless. There is a very good reason why Internauts see and are confused by this crazy mixture of “NZ is great”/”NZ sucks” on the web. You are either forced to join the club, once you realise what their game is, or you rage against it to your peril. One friend mentioned, “the more you fight, the more they try to subjugate you”.

    Queer mixed impressions on the web don’t turn up like that for other countries, quite as much. That’s because other countries do not spin themselves so brazenly and their realities are not so isolated, so misrepresentation would be harder to do. Harder to hide. Their neighbour can always hold a mirror to them. Here, there are no neighbours, no mirrors. Just miles of ocean and piles of self-delusion.

    Visiting as a tourist, you see natural beauty and friendly people and drive through the quaint towns in a few seconds without feeling the cold inside. Sure, it is a bit boring. How can you hold that against New Zealand? What, you want Las Vegas, you can have it. Sure, it’s expensive. It’s an island. What do you expect? These simplistic explanations might shut people up, but they are facile.

    Look beyond the simple fact of there not being lamb available in a large, ubiquitous and popular fast food chain, in a country world-famous for its lamb.

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