Driver Of Boy Racer Death Car To Be Charged

Nayan Samuel Woods

In May we wrote about four-year-old Nayan Woods. He was out walking with his six-year-old brother Jacob and his mother Emma on Linwood Ave, Christchurch (the city is the hoon capital of NZ) one evening when they were all hit by a car that had ‘lost control’ on a long, straight stretch of road. See posts “Hoon car kills kid” and ‘Hoon car’ driver was only 17.

Nayan’s brother Jacob, and mother Emma, were seriously injured. Sadly, little Nayan died of his injuries shortly afterward.

The driver was alleged to have been seen drifting before the collision in an area that is well known for its boy racer activity. At the time police stated that they were going to press against the 17 year old driver. The incident attracted a lot of public attention and highlighted both Christchurch’s boy racer problem and the wider problem of dangerous driving practices across the whole of New Zealand. See Boy racers your time is up a discussion on a Kiwi internet forum.

Police today confirmed that charges have been made against the driver, thought to be Ash Austin, and that he has been charged with dangerous driving causing death and dangerous driving causing injury. He’s also charged with operating a modified vehicle that was not certified and operating a vehicle on a road when it was liable to cause injury to any person.

The teenager will appear in the Christchurch District Court July 28.

If we recall correctly, previous reports said that the car was registered to the youth’s parents, who were abroad on holiday at the time of the collision.

Surely, those parents should be made to take some responsibility for allowing their son to drive an illegally modified car that was registered in their name? What on earth were they thinking about letting a kid that age drive a souped-up street racer, did they insure it for him too? Or, could it be that he was driving the car without their consent?

Our thoughts are with Nayan’s family today and for the difficult months ahead leading up to the trial.

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