Senior Public Servant Acquitted

Much as we’d predicted the “senior public servant” accused of assaulting his 15 year old son has been acquitted, despite three independent witnesses testifying that they’d seen the assault which happened after the boy had stolen money from his mother so that he could run away from home. See our post “Name Suppression V. The Rights of the Child

Stuff had this to say on the verdict:

“Crown prosecutor Paul Dacre said the boy’s initial statement had been correct and he had only changed it because he was intimidated by his father.”

And concluded with:

“Judge Harding said lifting an interim suppression order would “inevitably” lead to the identification of the man’s son, whose name was already permanently suppressed.

It would also have adverse consequences on the man’s reputation and work, the family’s right to privacy, and their need “to heal their wounds”.

There would be “little or no interest” in the case were it not for the man’s position, Judge Harding said.”

REALLY?! we have a feeling that this won’t be the last we hear of this one by a long shot. It will be interesting to watch this “senior public servant’s”  career, or lack of it,  from now on.

Cult of status 1 –  Rights of the child 0


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