Asians Attacked In Riccarton Rampage

A number of Asian people were attacked attacked by a knife wielding robber in the Riccarton suburb of Christchurch :

A knife-wielding man attempted to rob five Asian people as he went on a 30 minute rampage in Upper Riccarton, police say.

Brett Allan King, 21, of Upper Riccarton, faced five charges of trying to obtain money with menaces and one of robbery with a knife when he appeared in Christchurch District Court this morning.

Detective sergeant Scott Anderson, of Christchurch South Police, said between 7.15pm and 7.45pm on Saturday King threatened five Asian people in shops and a car park and tried to steal their money.

He successfully robbed one person in a shop, but it was not clear how much was stolen, said Anderson.   Judge Stephen Erber remanded King in custody to reappear on May 31. “source

Our thoughts go out to his victims, who must have been shaken by their ordeal, we hope none of them were injured. Christchurch has a bad reputation for racially motivated attacks, see our blog post :

Japanese Students attacked at Christchurch Bus Stop, 26 Feb 2010:

“There’s a report in today’s The Press, detailed on telling the shocking story of how two Asian students were subjected to aggression and an unprovoked attack by a gang of skinheads in Christchurch (watch the video report here)

..It would seem that Christchurch isn’t a great place to be, for either visitors or locals. In August of last year a Fijian student was injured in a racist attack at Linwood College, his mother said that she had spoken the other parents in the Indian community and their children had been bullied too. Her son had also been taunted with names like “curry chicken“, “black Indian” and “Indian boy.” The family moved to NZ to escape the violence of Suva.

Christchurch has recently earned itself the dubious title of ‘Murder Capital Of New Zealand’ which was re-inforced after the death of a 62 year old widow was brutally murdered in her own home a week ago.

This most recent assault has drawn a fair amount of contempt from the readers of Stuff who are very eager to talk about the issue of racism in Christchurch, allegedly a “haven for Neo-Nazis due to the lack of competition from other gangs” (see below) You may remember that a few days ago we spoke of how police in New Zealand still don’t/won’t collect data on racially motivated crimes, it is very hard to know the true extent of this problem both in Christchurch and throughout the country.”…”