‘Hoon Car’ Driver Was Only 17 -Updated

Nayan Woods

23 May 2010

The driver of the ‘hoon car’ that left the road and ploughed into a mother and her 2 children, killing one of them and seriously injuring his older brother, in an area of Christchurch notorious for its boy racers, has been named and shamed by the NZ Herald:

Ash Austin, 17, was driving a car that left the road and struck Nayan Samuel Woods, 4, and his brother Jacob, 6, as they walked along Linwood Ave in Christchurch with their mother Emma on Friday evening. Nayan was killed and Jacob was seriously injured.

The crash was one of two incidents within minutes that claimed the lives of children.

In a collision north of Auckland, a 10-year-old boy was killed and his younger brother was seriously injured.

Ash Austin’s parents yesterday flew back to Christchurch from a holiday in Australia to support their son.”

For background to this please see blog post :  “Hoon car kills kid – Boy racers your time is up

The incident is still under discussion among the people on the Tradme community boards:

-“Driving like a idiot in bad conditions=tragic loss. My heart goes out to the mum and child.
Like somebody has said before, hundreds of drivers used that same bit of road in wet weather yesterday, and they did not manage to ‘fish tail’….that was because they were driving to the conditions.”

-“The intersection he supposedly lost control at was just on 100m from the impact point. Given that in the wet he’d have been able to go an absolute maximum of 40km/h through the intersection, there’s 5+ seconds he’d have had to have been “losing control”.  I don’t buy for a second that it’s simply a case of hitting a puddle or a white line and having the car get away on him. If it had, the impact would have happened a good 50-60m closer to where the loss of control occurred. It’s clear that he kept his foot up it in an act of idiocy or an act of extreme incompetence. My money’s on the former.”

Update 24 May 2010 – Witness saw car revving as if trying to lose traction , from the Trademe community board:

-“My Father is one of the few witnesses that saw this happen on Friday night. He saw and heard the car revving as if to cause deliberate loss of traction drifting over both lanes of Linwood Ave before mounting the curb and ploughing into the two kids. to let you know the tragic reality of this situation the childs legs …..(edited by E2NZ). My Father saw it all and is key witness to the Police, he KNOWS that it was no accident. The truth will come out in the coming days”

-“So if it comes out that he put his foot down to try and drift the car on the ‘wet playground’ as he saw it and the result was a four year old dying, then he should get a community sentence? WTF? He knew the possible consequences of his activity, prison for a few years. I drove through there on the day about 15 minutes before accident. People are making out that is was low visibility, flooded roads, terrible conditions…. What a load of sh*t. It was light rain, roads were wet but not bad and visibility fine. Too many people making excuses for a racer. Whoopee at the driver giving CPR and not running, probably self serving to lighten his sentence.”

Want to know more about drifting and hoons in Christchurch? this is video of a fairly typical night out

BEST OF Christchurch street drift “2pac all out”” ..”just out having some fun in Christchurch”